Entertainment Attractions at Hotels: How Kalahari Resorts has Benefitted from Partnering with RCI

RCI entertainment Attraction

When you think about action-packed, family vacation destinations, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions is likely top of mind.

Named after Africa’s Kalahari Desert, Kalahari Resorts are decorated with African plants, animals and other motifs – and they feature some of the largest indoor water parks in the country. The pools, water slides, lazy rivers, and play structures make Kalahari Resorts a must-visit destination for families looking to make lasting memories.

But to truly distance themselves from the competition – and diversity its offerings – Kalahari Resorts teamed up with RCI Adventure Products to install adventure attractions at several of their locations: including Sandusky, OH, (2009), Wisconsin Dells, WI (2011) and Round Rock, TX (2020).

“It is through valued partnerships like the one with RCI that Kalahari has dreamed new destinations,” said David Thalacker, Kalahari Development project manager. “RCI has proven itself with durable, extremely well-engineered products that have stood the test of time.”

In our most recent blog, RCI discusses its partnership with Kalahari Resorts and how other hotels and resorts can benefit from the installation of entertainment attractions installed by the global leader, RCI.

Installing Entertainment Attractions at Kalahari Resort

Although Kalahari Resorts are already packed with major attractions – including indoor and outdoor water parks, arcades, bowling alleys, miniature golf and a variety of restaurants – the resort’s forward-thinking vision saw the need for additional adventure attractions that can be installed both inside and outside of the resort.

RCI has installed entertainment attractions at three of the four Kalahari Resorts locations, including:

Round Rock, TX

Kalahari Resorts opened its largest location in Round Rock, Texas, in 2020. RCI partnered with the resort for the third time to construct a 36-foot Sky Trail® aerial attraction, a child-centric Sky Tykes® attraction, and 7 Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls that challenge guests and serve as a focal point of activities inside of the resort’s 80,000 square foot adventure park that sits inside the larger resort.

“The massive complex is a fully-themed, state-of-the-art land, and we feel these attractions are without a doubt, ones that our guests will enjoy over and over again,” Thalacker said.

Wisconsin Dells, WI and Sandusky, OH

This is not the first time that RCI and Kalahari have joined forces as the two companies came together for the development of a Sky Trail® with Sky Tykes® inside of their Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin location in 2008 and a 3-story Sky Trail® within the Safari Outdoor Adventure Park at Kalahari’s Sandusky, Ohio location in 2010.

How Can Resorts and Hotels Benefit from Entertainment Attractions?

Resorts and hotels face stiff competition and anything they can do to set themselves apart. Even if you already offer great amenities, Kalahari Resorts is the perfect case study as to why you can never have too many. RCI attractions can complement existing attractions such as water parks, arcades, and bowling.

Some of the benefits that Kalahari Resorts, as well as other hotels and resorts, have gained from partnering with RCI include:

  • Increased draw. Installing entertainment attractions can help bring in new customers while bringing back existing ones. Guests will want to plan a vacation when they see that their hotel offers new and exciting attractions being installed. 
  • Word-of-mouth marketing. Guests who enjoy using entertainment attractions are more likely to post photos and videos on social media, which can build trust with new visitors and increase brand awareness.
  • Quick ROI. Many hotels and resorts where RCI has installed entertainment attractions have reported quick returns on investment. 
  • Variety. When looking for the best hotels that offer family-friendly activities, many enjoy the convenience of so much on one property right outside of their hotel room. Providing your guests with as many entertainment options as possible ensures they remain on-site longer. 

RCI’s Three-Step Process

RCI’s process for designing, manufacturing, and installing entertainment attractions is as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Design. RCI customizes the products to fit your space, budget, and target audience.
  2. Deliver. RCI works with you throughout the entire process so that installation, training, inspections, and operations go smoothly.
  3. Support. RCI provides lifelong client support to ensure your attractions are well maintained and optimized for use.

Why Choose RCI?

RCI is the global leader in designing, manufacturing and installing entertainment attractions. Founded in 1989, RCI has installed its products in 33 countries. We provide industry-leading hardware and equipment and offer customer support and maintenance that are second to none.

Are you ready to diversify your offerings at your hotel or resort? Then it’s time to contact RCI. We look forward to hearing from you.