With delicious food, a wide variety of clothing options and souvenirs to cherish, restaurants and multifaceted shopping centers fulfill people’s basic, personal and social needs. These types of bustling facilities bring people both indoors and outdoors to eat food and shop for merchandise, however, it is just as important for these businesses to maintain a level of social and entertainment value for their guests as well. Common features of shopping centers and restaurants include musical entertainment both live and recorded, recreational attractions such as arcade games or children’s play areas and a range of cuisines available to choose from.   

In order to accommodate the number of people that frequent these facilities, quality entertainment must occur from the moment guests arrive to the second they leave. In fact, a number of research studies have determined entertainment incorporated into facilities of this nature has a direct impact on food, retail sales and the frequency of visits. Guests are predominately looking for a space to relax with friends and family whether they be tourists or locals so there should also be options to choose from that cater to every age. Vibrant colors and innovative designs appeal to children and adults alike as they mesh well with the busy environment and elevated energy. Attractions and other forms of entertainment, such as location-related activities or souvenir shops, ultimately need to be engaging, interactive, inviting and unique.

Providing exactly that are amusement attractions manufactured by RCI. Sky Trail®Sky Tykes® and Sky Rail® aerial attractions and Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls deliver safe and reliable entertainment for all guests. Sky Trail® and Sky Tykes® draw consumers in by offering a multi-dimensional experience for people of all ages and the patented integrated safety systems allow users of every generation to experience the attraction in a safe manner. Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls are similar in that they too put safety first so that beginner and climbing enthusiasts alike can focus on having a good time. With these attractions, guests are sure to stay on site for hours and smile nonstop.