Finding the right mix of education, conservation and entertainment can be a balancing act for zoos across the country. To increase attendance and revenue, several zoos have partnered with RCI to design, manufacture and install hands-on aerial ropes, zip line courses, climbing walls and other adventure attractions.

RCI is the global leader in adventure attractions for industries across the world, including zoos. Our entertainment products have helped zoos enjoy quick returns on investments and impressive attendance spikes after installation. To learn more about RCI’s line of patented adventure and entertainment products, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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What Type of Products Does RCI Offer for Zoos?

RCI’s premier adventure attractions can be modified to fit your zoo’s specific needs. Some of the most popular attractions include:

Sky Trail

Soar high in the air with RCI’s multi-level patented Sky Trail ropes course. You’ll stay securely connected with a full body harness and sling line as you explore challenging and exciting rope ladders, cargo nets, bridges and zig-zag swinging beams.

Sky Tykes

Catering to its pint-sized customers under 4-feet tall, Sky Tykes’ amusement attraction gives kids the adventurous experience they crave as they safely unleash their imagination.

Sky Rail

Give your customers an experience they’ll never forget with RCI’s patented Sky Rail attraction. Not only will participants be enthralled by a smooth ride on the Sky Rail amongst an adventurous Sky Trail, but owners will essentially possess a thrilling combination of two attractions, thus maximizing their revenue potential.

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Benefits of Working with RCI to Install Adventure Attractions at Your Zoo

Partnering with RCI to install entertainment attractions can turn your zoo into a must-visit destination. Some of the benefits of working with RCI to install entertainment attractions include:

Return on Investment

Many of our zoo partners have recouped their investment very quickly.

“The zoo’s (full) investment was paid for within the first year,” said Rob Thielemann, Guest Services Manager at Zoo Atlanta.


With unique animals, train rides, splash pads and playgrounds – zoos are already entertainment powerhouses. The addition of self-guided aerial attractions is another layer of entertainment that will transform your zoo into a destination for people to visit, whether they live down the street or across the state.


Safety is a top priority at RCI. We hire only the most experienced installers and inspector trainers who take the extra time to show zoo staff how the equipment works and how to conduct daily inspections. The staff at RCI is always available to answer any questions you might have, no matter if the product was installed last week or last year. RCI will guide your zoo throughout the entire process and make product and configuration recommendations.


RCI’s entertainment courses can be modified to offer new features for customers. This will keep the products fresh and give customers something new to discover.

Self-Guided Products

Because RCI’s products are self-guided, there is little demand to hire additional zoo staff after the installation of the products is complete.

Experience and Customer Service

Founded in 1989, RCI has installed entertainment attractions in 33 countries. Specifically, RCI has designed and installed attractions at zoos across the United States and in the United Kingdom.

When you partner with RCI, you can rest assured that your zoo is receiving only industry-leading equipment and hardware, as well as a lifetime of customer support and maintenance.

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RCI’s Three-Step Approach

Working with RCI is literally as easy as one, two, three. Our three-step process for designing and installing your adventure attractions includes:

1. Designing

We work closely with your staff to customize a product that fits your space, budget and audience.

2. Delivering

We install the product and work with you throughout the entire installation process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

3. Supporting

RCI offers lifetime customer support to ensure the products are properly maintained and optimized for use.

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The professionals at RCI are passionate about providing only the safest and most thrilling entertainment attractions in the world. With over 1,000 completed ropes course projects, we’ve installed more ropes courses than any other company in the world. We’re proud to work closely with some of the largest zoos in the country, and we hope you consider us if you’re looking to transform your zoo into a must-visit destination. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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