Sterilization Station

Sanitize and sterilize your equipment to meet CDC and WHO guidelines quickly and safely, while maximizing business efficiency.

Shared harnesses and climbing equipment, while essential for safety, can be a carrier for viruses and bacteria. The RCI Sterilization Station is designed to heat RCI safety equipment and disinfect it safely and efficiently.

The Sterilization Station uses heat to effectively remove viruses and bacteria from the equipment. The Sterilization Station is a compact cabinet specifically designed to heat RCI Adventure Products’ safety equipment, with a predictable cycle time of 25-35 minutes, start to finish. The oven utilizes efficient convection technology to uniformly distribute heat at temperatures of 133-149 degrees utilizing a processor programmed to regulate temperature, time, and safety parameters.


Beyond COVID-19

The Sterilization Station can be used for annual cold and flu seasons and daily use to provide a safer environment for customers. The Sterilization Station not only meets the recommended values required to kill COVID-19, it also heats to temperatures for the efficient destruction of several viruses and bacteria, including SARS.