adventure TYKES


Meeting the increased demand of an attraction that requires minimal staffing, yet has high capacity, RCI developed Adventure Tykes, an unharnessed, net-play adventure course designed for children 48-inches and smaller.

Similar to our full Sky Trail® course and the smaller Sky Tykes®, Adventure Tykes challenges participants with a variety of rope, bridge and beam elements that are interconnected between towers. Like most of our products, an Adventure Tykes course is custom designed, giving customers a variety of layout, size and element options.

Adventure Tykes offers different course entry options including a net elevator and net ramp. Participants can exit the course through those same entry points or down one of several straight and spiral slide options. Because the course is unharnessed, kids have the ability to move freely on and off the course without staffing support.



Net-Play Course Elements

Kids will love the challenging rope, beam and bridge elements that span between each tower. These elements will test their balance and coordination. The firm tension on the surrounding net not only prevents falling, but provides plenty of support if leaned against or stood on. RCI Adventure Products is constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to challenge our littlest course explorers with new course obstacles. 

In addition to the bridge elements, Adventure Tykes® features fun ways to enter and exit the course. Customers can select one or multiple entrance points, including a vertical net elevator and inclined ramps. Various slide configurations are also available including spiral and straight slides, for exiting the course. 


Features + Benefits

  • Doubled capacity: Maximizing your site using the vertical height space, in turn, allows for more room to accommodate participants
  • Low operator costs: Minimal staffing is required
  • Safely contained: Unharnessed participants are able to safely and freely explore across bridges, inside of tunnels, up and down net elevators and zipping down straight and spiral slides.
  • Custom designs: Indoor and outdoor configurations are tailored to specific site and budgetary requirements
  • Flexible integration: Branded or IP theming allow the attraction to complement any space
  • Sky Tykes Integration: Adventure Tykes can be built on top of a Sky Tykes course, utilizing the same poles