Sky Rail®

The seamless integration of a Sky Rail® and a Sky Trail® or Sky Tykes® aerial attraction results in delighted guests and owners alike.

Not only will participants be enthralled by a smooth ride on the Sky Rail® amongst an adventurous Sky Trail®, but owners will essentially possess a thrilling combination of 2 attractions thus maximizing their revenue potential.

Younger children are able to enjoy the Sky Rail® on the Sky Tykes® much like older participants on a Sky Trail® as the element itself operates in the same manner but on a smaller scale to provide a safe and fun experience.




Capable of being added to a Sky Trail® of any level, the straight track Sky Rail® provides participants with a smooth, direct ride from one end of the attraction to the other.

Whether multiple are installed or just one, this traditional model is designed to give anyone who chooses to ride a feeling and experience they’ll want to repeat!



The curved Sky Rail® track allows for a longer ride in a smaller amount of space and gives participants a unique twist when compared to a ride on a similar attraction.

An ideal choice for facilities with limited space allowance that still want to maximize the experience for guests of all ages.


Side by Side

Presented as two straight Sky Rails® configured in a parallel fashion, this double value option gives participants the chance to glide by one another in tandem as they each make it to the other side.

Perfect for those wanting to channel their competitive spirit with friends and family or individuals eager to take a smooth ride above guests below, this model is sure to stand out at your facility.


2 types of decelerator systems available for a Sky Trail® Sky Rail® attraction


A mechanical Sky Rail® is equipped with a decelerator system which uses magnetic eddy currents to slow participants before landing. A trained course operator is required at the Sky Rail® take off platform to instruct and facilitate the loading of participants to enter the Sky Rail® track.

The Sky Tykes® Sky Rail® uses a friction decelerator and safety gate, which provides an easy and safe method for children.


An electronic Sky Rail® is equipped with a decelerator system which uses a series of electronic sensors, gates and magnetic eddy currents to operate. This decelerator system requires a 120v 10amp electrical connection at the base of the Sky Rail® column. A participant cannot enter the Sky Rail® until the previous participant is clear and the automated system resets itself. A trained course operator is not required to load participants into the Sky Rail® track.