RCI Adventure Products (RCI) offers two installation options for clients to ensure both parties are in compliance with the following: ASTM F24 Body of Standards, American Steel Construction Manual, American Welding Society D11 Weld Codes, American Society of Civil Engineers 7 Minimum Design Loads, and the International Building Codes for General Construction.

The first option provides clients with an RCI installation team that can fully execute all points of installation and equipment procurement on-site. As a second option, RCI provides an installation team leader to guide the client’s crew through the installation process from start to finish. This process utilizes equipment that the client schedules and provides. In either case, all structures undergo a commissioning inspection and audit that is performed by a member of the RCI engineering team as part of the purchase package.

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Daily inspections of the structures and all safety equipment must be completed by a certified RCI operator and/or trained maintenance staff prior to participants being allowed on the attraction. The daily inspection consists of a visual inspection of the structure and tactile inspection of all the safety equipment.

An annual audit of each RCI product is imperative if they are to meet the safety and regulatory driven requirements of the manufacturer. A certified RCI inspector performs the annual inspection and meticulously checks the entire structure, its elements and equipment as well as compiles all of the required documentation for the daily, quarterly and annual operation. The audit package is then reviewed at RCI to determine compliance with manufacturer requirements. After a passing audit, the attraction is granted a certification sticker. RCI can train your staff to become an inspector to help keep the cost of the inspection portion of the annual audit at a minimum.

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To ensure our adventure products are operated in a secure and responsible manner, operator training must be performed and subsequently completed. A currently certified operator trainer or RCI instructor must train all attraction operators preceding the operation each day. The operator training session spans 2-4 days depending on product specifications. Trainees gain knowledge concerning pre-use inspections for the structure as well as safety equipment, procedures for properly outfitting participants, how to monitor participants and how to maintain a high level of safety.

Operators are required to become recertified annually in order to maintain certification as it further promotes our company’s focus on safety with regards to the operation of our adventure products. RCI also offers training for your staff to become certified operator trainers and this certification lasts for 3 years.

The RCI training manager also offers customer support and additional training at any time. Additional training services including tutorials and videos are available in the client portal section of our website.

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