What Drives Us

To innovate, create, and lead the entertainment industry.

As a company, it is our mission and responsibility to effectively meet the clients’ needs by delivering a safe product that is able to maintain high volumes of participants with minimal staff requirements. To uphold safety even further, we offer comprehensive and thorough training of operators and operator trainers. RCI also skillfully delivers services consisting of design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, technical inspections as well as safety equipment and the ability to theme aerial attractions.

RCI Patents

The RCI products listed here are protected by United States and foreign patents. This page is intended to serve as notice under Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States code.

Sky Trail® – US 7,175,534, US 7,981,004, US 8,016,686, US 8,066,578, US 8,360,937, US 8,683,925, US 8,752,668, US 8,807,044, US 8,893,852, US 10,105,564, US 10,213,699, EM005659919-0001-0006, ZL201830444605.9.

Sky Tykes® – US 7,175,534, US 7,981,004, US 8,066,578, US 8,360,937, US 8,683,925, US 8,752,668, US 8,807,044, US 10,093,328, US 10,105,564, US 10,213,699, ZL201830444605.9, EM005659919-0001-0006.

Sky Rail® – US 8,683,925, US 8,807,044 US 8,893,852, GB2505101, US 9,884,633, US 10,093,328, US 10,213,699, US 10,478,737, GB2505101B.

CTS Zip Line – US 7,416,054, US 8,683,925, US 8,807,044, US 8,893,852.

Safety Equipment – EM005513967-0002, 10,136,705, ZL 201830399728.5.

Other – US 7,416,054, US 8,016,686. Additional patents may be pending.

FAMILY Attractions Leader

The company, based in Allegan, Michigan, currently employs over 100 highly qualified people in such fields as design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and operation of various amusement attractions. RCI fervently strives to revolutionize the domain of adventure products by constantly experimenting with new amusement attraction design concepts and technologies.

Every attraction that we engineer is done so with patented integrated systems which increases the level of safety, reduce labor cost and raise the amount of participants for high capacities as well as increase the age range for guest participation.

Guests never experience anything short of unforgettable or thrilling when they choose to elevate their fun and engage with our amusement attractions.

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Our story: The world of adventure.

Ropes Courses Incorporated (RCI) grew out of a budding passion for adventure products and a dedication to continuous innovation. After his first operation of a zip line course in 1982, owner Jim Liggett recognized a developing interest in a new world. The world of adventure.

With unwavering drive and an appetite for discovery, he established RCI in 1989 and has refused to look back since. An adoration for ropes courses and zip line adventure products in the 1980s has matured into a career as well as thriving business that Jim navigates with his wife, Michelle Liggett. RCI proudly designs, engineers and manufactures for companies worldwide and always aims to put a smile on every customer.