Capture their attention

Consider choosing custom colors or themed elements to your amusement attractions to match your business and create a memorable visitor experience. Businesses across many industries are faced with increased competition for guests’ attention. We can help make your space unique to capture guests’ attention, entice them to stay longer and in turn increase spending at your business.


We have a collection of various theme and custom color options to choose from to make your Sky Trail® or Sky Tykes® stand out above the rest!

Please refer to the catalog for our collection of standard color schemes and choose from options that represent different facets of our environments such as shades of brown and orange to represent a canyon or shades of teal, green and tan for an oasis experience.

We’ve expertly chosen color schemes to create moments of surprise and delight for your visitors.

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Share your customization ideas with us and our designers will construct your dream experience. Custom color options, rope colors and themes are available for an additional cost. Theming and its pricing can vary depending on quantity desired and attraction size.

We’d love to speak with you about any particular needs you may have pertaining to your location and environment diversity.

For customization options for our products Clip ‘n Climb® or Amaze’n Mazes™ please see your sales representative.

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