Indoor & Outdoor Ropes Course options

custom-designed attraction

This fully customizable aerial adventure ropes course caters to a large range of facilities. Depending on the amount of floor space and ceiling height available, our fully-customizable Sky Trail® course can be configured to multiple levels. Options are engineered with 9’ (2.7m) of clearance beneath, which allows for the opportunity to entertain guests under the attraction with a multitude of activities such as arcade games, miniature golf, party rooms and more. A perfect compliment to our Sky Trail® course is our Sky Tykes® aerial attraction for kids, which can fit under the Sky Trail®.

The Sky Trail® aerial ropes course can be installed indoor or outdoor. RCI Adventure Products Sky Trail® design is perfect for expansion as your business, facility or footprint grows, allowing for the addition of more poles, levels and elements. We recommend that each Sky Trail® ropes course be designed to include our popular Sky Rail®, which is fully integrated into the course. 



Ropes course grows with your business

Every customer is unique, as is their facility and available footprint. The question we commonly get is “can you fit a ropes course into our facility?” That’s the beauty of the custom Sky Trail® design. We work with each customer to understand the opportunity and limitations of their facility and footprint. Our Sky Trail® aerial adventure ropes course is flexible in nature, as it can evolve from 1, 2, 3 or more levels, making it the ideal leisure attraction for sites catering to significant amounts of visitors both indoors and outdoors. An added benefit of the Sky Trail® design is the limitless pole expansion which allows the attraction to continue its growth as needed.

This attraction can be seamlessly paired with multiple Sky Rails® or a Sky Tykes®. For added excitement, a QuickFlight free-fall exit can be incorporated into the attraction to promote wide age range participation and maximize profits as your income will quickly surpass its expense.




Customers adding a Sky Trail® aerial ropes course have dozens of element (obstacle) options to pick from. Better yet, over time, customers have the ability to refresh their course by changing up the elements, giving their ropes course visitors a new challenge. We have a catalog full of fun and challenging rope, bridge, beam, ladder and step elements with varying degrees of difficulty to test the balance and ability of each guests. We design our Sky Trail® courses to be enjoyed by the entire family and appeal to a wide age range. To achieve this, we also design our elements from easy to difficult and we work with each customer on their Sky Trail® layout to provide an optimal experience for all guests. Sometimes being 30-feet up in the air is challenge enough! 

Some of our most popular elements are single-pole elements, which means they don’t not bridge between two poles. Our Walk the Plank and Floating Ring are amazing and in demand. These single-pole elements allow customers to take better advantage of their ropes course footprint.




About 30 cruise ships worldwide are currently setting sail (figuratively) with RCI Adventure Product’s Sky Trail® aerial ropes course. We’ve optimized the design of these courses to take advantage of the unique and, sometimes, confined footprint. Often, our cruise ship Sky Trail® courses have 2 linear paths of elements on up to 2 levels to further maximize throughputs and allow for infinite self-led quests. Its single pole, linear design and circular system options minimize footprint while at the same time benefit locations with high visitor traffic.

This attraction can be placed in a variety of environments and most commonly is utilized the heaviest by water based businesses such as cruise ships or locations who aim to maximize throughput and with minimal required square footage.




Not only is our Sky Trail® aerial ropes course custom designed to take optimal advantage of our facility’s available space, but the design can be further enhanced with custom colors and elements. The color of the poles, connecting beams and platforms can each be customized. Custom color options can help customers match business branding or help the course stand-out (or fit in) to surrounding areas. We also offer a variety of elements that can be modified to include a business’ logo and colors.

One of the real benefits of a Sky Trail® course is its ability to take advantage of the unused vertical space in a facility. Many attractions and games are built to be enjoyed on the ground. Our Sky Trail® fits over these ground-based attractions and allows customers to maximize their facility and realize greater revenue opportunity.


Each Sky Trail® Comes with the Following Features:
  • Standard color scheme and rope colors
  • Appropriate amount of safety equipment: harnesses, redundant sling lines, emergency take down kits
  • Harness rack(s)
  • Entrance barrier
  • Minimum of 2 element track stops
  • Final course inspection and certification
  • Operator training for up to 16 people at your site (8 people per class; 2 classes)
  • 1 year warranty on structure and paint
Sky Trail® Optional Features:
  • Custom color choices, rope colors or blacklight color scheme
  • Theming – Forest, Pirate, Tropical, African Safari, Western Frontier or other customization
  • Expansion elements: Walk the Plank, Roller Rail, Sun Shade, QuickFlight
  • Additional harnesses, redundant sling lines or emergency take down kits
  • Galvanization
  • Delivery
  • Installation team
  • Annual maintenance and inspection training