Sky Trail® Expansion Elements

Standard elements are primarily comprised of horizontally strung cables, ropes, boards and other materials tightly secured between each pole. Allow your leisure entertainment to evolve as your business does and select from any one of the expansion elements Ropes Courses Incorporated offers to strengthen the appearance of your attraction.

RCI also collaborates with several partners to better provide our customers with products that bring additional profit to their bottom line. Each one of these adventurous products increases age range participation while encouraging new, old or simply dwelling customers to visit the facility and engage in unforgettable fun. Read more to find out how these featured elements can provide your business with favorable ROI and your customers with an enhanced experience.


Built to supplement existing safety efforts, the Sky Trail® safety entrance device works in conjunction with the well-known aerial attraction to further aid operators and help them successfully complete the on-boarding routine for each participant.

Situated right at the base of the Sky Trail® stairs, the safety entrance double-checks the connection between a participant’s slingline and their harness to confirm it is indeed secure before they are ultimately allowed to continue. Available in two versions, mechanical or electronic, this easy to use device can be installed on an existing Sky Trail®. As of August 2019 the mechanical safety entrance is a standard feature on all new Sky Trail® attractions.

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QuickFlight by Headrush Technologies

The QuickFlight free fall offers an exhilarating alternative exit from the very peak of the aerial attraction for anyone and everyone who craves excitement. This energizing addition to Sky Trail® allows for the thrilling sensation of a free fall but with the added safety of a harness gently carrying you to the ground. It is an attraction that pledges to leave guests feeling invigorated by the rush it elicits and owners satisfied with its huge appeal to a wide age range participation as well as the considerable revenue boost that follows due to its highly profitable return on investment potential. It is highly suggested that the QuickFlight product be utilized as an alternative exit and the Sky Trail® ticket price include an extra $5-$7 for this energetic addition.

See what it’s like to experience the QUICKJump (previous model of the new QuickFlight) on the IT attraction inside of Jordan’s Furniture in New Haven, Connecticut!

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Walk The Plank

Allow participants to be bold and engage with a one-of-a-kind challenge with this adventurous addition. The 6-inch wide stand-alone beam sets the stage for a daring walk of 7 feet sans handrails to give guests an exhilarating experience.

For even more of a thrill, consider our tippy version that involves the plank slightly tipping forward to elicit a rush for participants or our spinning wheel addition that features an interesting design and encourages guests to fully embrace the plank element.

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Souvenir Photo System

Allow your guests to make your Sky Trail® a lasting memory by adding a souvenir photo system to your attraction. Client is required to collaborate with an outside camera supplier to incorporate this element, but RCI will provide the necessary brackets and mounting locations essential for the perfect souvenir photos! 

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Themed Elements

Add your company logo, mascot or theme to one of the 4 themed elements: bridge, stepping stones, steel lily pads and the rope lily pads. The integration of a personal mark on elements further establishes ownership and keeps the company on the minds of guests as they navigate the attraction or watch from below.

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Sun Shades

Outdoor attractions dominated by sunlight greatly benefit from the addition of sun shades so participants as well as operators no longer have to endure prolonged periods of harsh sun exposure. This installment allows everyone on the attraction to solely focus on their own amusement.

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