At camps and community centers, families and children are brought together to grow, learn and play while still appreciating the beauty of nature around them. These types of facilities provide safety, physical fitness and social participation amongst peers through a variety of educational, social and recreational activities. Examples of these locations include overnight recreational camps, RV parks or traditional campgrounds and YMCA centers. Activities such as swimming, hiking, sports league opportunities and team building exercises are tailored to what the members of the community are interested in. Interacting with other like-minded individuals in a leisure environment allows bonds to be formed both with each other and the environment.

Due to nature being the highlight, attractions that are toned down in appearance are preferable as they will not overshadow their surroundings. Earth tones look best and natural materials are often emphasized as they blend well with the environment. While there are community centers that feature indoor activities, most locations in this industry want their attractions stationed outdoors as that is the preferred backdrop. Attractions must be durable as they will not only be subject to the toll weather might take on them, but regularly to large groups of individuals using them for bonding or community building exercises.

RCI attractions provide locations in this industry a competitive advantage over other recreational facilities by attracting tourists and increasing the value of the location. They become another anchor to achieving the goals of these locations by increasing physical fitness for its members in a unique way. Our entertainment products not only match the adventurous and leisure tone of the industry, but the appearance as well. A Sky Trail®, Sky Tykes® or Amaze’n Mazes™ attraction can be painted in earth tones and themed to match the natural surroundings. Clip ‘n Climb® climbing activities or a a towering Sky Trail® could liven an indoor facility next to the swimming pool. All of our adventure products adhere to the highest level of safety and participants step outside their comfort zones, challenge themselves and build confidence in the process.