Natural Bridge Caverns, located just outside of San Antonio, has a 3-level custom Sky Trail® ropes course with our Sky Tour® zipline adventure.


Displays of great cultural value, historical significance or natural beauty, locations belonging to this industry are renowned for their offerings of leisure, adventure and amusement. Whether inviting guests into an enormous cave system or delighting locals and tourists alike with immaculate gardens, this industry makes the most out of highlighting the natural wonders of the world. During their stay that can last a few hours or even the entire day, visitors are given a glimpse of the area’s unique history, geology, biology and geography. Various activities that range from educational to purely entertaining are provided to keep guests of all ages engaged and connected to the area in which they are visiting. Guided tours, hikes, sightseeing opportunities and more all contribute to the lasting memories made by countless families at these locations.

In this industry, the appearance and significance of the location itself is the main crowd generator but other entertainment offerings are put in place to keep guests on site for longer periods of time. Because ages of each visitor vary, attractions featured have to take that into consideration and appeal to a wide audience. Attractions can be bright but typically tend to be presented in calmer tones that allow for the natural or historical surroundings to shine. Locations in this industry, such as caves or caverns, also tend to have physical activities available designed to get the legs moving as the sights are admired. Children and adults gravitate to group tours or souvenir shops to not only bond and take pictures but to build memories that will last well into the future.

RCI manufactured amusement attractions such as Sky Trail®, Sky Rail®, and Sky Tykes® aerial attractions, Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls and Amaze’n Mazes™ are designed with large groups in mind. Participants of every generation can test their abilities on a Sky Trail® and break free of their comfort zones high in the air. If space allows, Amaze’n Mazes™ also make ideal attractions with minimal maintenance and customization with regards to themes or colors while diverse Clip ‘n Climb®  walls appeal to all skill levels and deliver vertical fun.