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Galveston, TX

“The RCI organization worked with us on many levels including design, purchase and installation of our attractions. We chose to add the Sky Trail® and Sky Tykes® aerial attractions and Zip Line to our facility because they are unique attractions for the edutainment industry and we wanted something with high adventure. It takes 10 operators to fully staff all 3 attractions during our peak seasons. Our hourly capacity is approximately 50 Sky Trail® participants and 53 participants on the zip line. I am extremely satisfied with the way RCI conducts their business and our attractions are a hit.” – John Zendt, Moody Gardens President & CEO

“We have been to Moody Gardens several times and love love love it!! The Sky Trail® is cool and well worth the wait and cost!” – Tripadvisor review for Moody Gardens

SPECS – 8 pole, 4 level Sky Trail® Explorer with 47 elements
6 pole Sky Tykes® with 9 elements
CTS Zip Line spanning 476′ (145m)
BUSINESS SCOPE – Nearly 800,000 annual visitors
SKY TRAIL®, CTS ZIP LINE & SKY TYKES® THROUGHPUT – 27,000 annual participants combined
SKY TRAIL® PEAK THROUGHPUT – 350-400 daily participants
ADMISSION – $25.00 Sky Trail® & 1 additional ride

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