Centered around thrilling amusement attractions, themed rides, piers and water related activities, this industry’s main goal is to create quality entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether it is young couples with toddlers, the elderly, groups of friends or family get togethers, visitors find amusement parks and water parks a great choice for a day of fun, mini getaways or long vacations. Not only do amusement parks offer recreational activities of all kinds, but they also often have restaurants and hotels for the option of an extended stay.  

Because this industry caters to so many different groups of people, parks must find an array of attractions, whether they be water themed, winding roller coasters or adventurous. To keep their park memorable and people coming back, the population’s various needs and wants must be considered as well as accommodated for. Consider a large group of teenagers for example. Amusement parks for them can serve as bonding trips with friends that adults aren’t a part of. The parks can also be the destination for a trip that was planned in accordance with events like anniversaries or birthdays. While these trips may be short in length, the memories these locations provide last a lifetime.

Amusement attractions that both excite and involve hands on interaction between guests are our Sky Trail®, Sky Tykes® aerial adventure attractions and Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls. Each one of these entertainment options can be placed in an indoor or outdoor location to accommodate a park’s unique needs. These attractions are equipped with U.S. patented safety systems to ensure large volumes of people can focus on having fun. Or, the average size Amaze’n Mazes™ (4,800ft2) can accommodate up to 320 people at one time or 1,500 per hour and is a great alternative attraction to keep guests entertained instead of waiting in long lines. These options often provide new, one-of-a-kind thrills for guests to enjoy consequently keeping them on site a little longer to experience everything that the park has to offer.