This 2-level Sky Trail®, complete with 2 Sky Rails®, is located at Allegan Event.

Indoor and Outdoor Ropes Courses

Improve campus life with a Sky Trail® adventure attraction

For colleges and universities, or any secondary education school, a ropes course can bring three immediate benefits: Entertainment, education and employment. Campuses worldwide compete against each other for students and have put in renewed focused on improving campus life beyond the classroom. This not only means improvements to living and dining facilities, but also recreation hubs like fitness centers, climbing gyms, game rooms, cultural centers and nature preserves. An indoor or outdoor ropes courses is a unique added activity that helps campuses set themselves a part. 

Custom-designed course for your target demographic

RCI Adventure Products prides itself on building adventure attractions that appeal across a wide age range and ability level. We custom-design each ropes course to meet the specific needs of our customer. That means the course is designed to not only fit into the available facility (or property footprint), but also laid out in a manner that will challenge the core demographic. Providing college-aged students a thrilling experience is easily accomplished with our Sky Trail® course. Adding a Sky Rail® zip line adventure will enhance that experience. In addition, RCI also offer Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls.

Team building on a ropes course

A ropes course can be challenging and it’s a perfect place for team building activities. Colleges and universities are full of unique groups. A few hours on the ropes course can help bond a class, a fraternity or sorority, students sharing a dorm floor, a sports team, a student counsel or even faculty members. While our ropes courses aren’t designed for adrenaline junkies, they can take people out of their comfort zone, putting them into a position where teamwork and support is necessary. Often called challenge courses, a ropes course will help your team bond, giving them a fun and educational experience.

Ropes course employment opportunity

One of the benefits of installing a course at a university is the built-in pool of potential staff. Students working on a Sky Trail® course will go through RCI’s operator training program. They will learn the skills necessary to not only support course participants, but also inspection and maintenance skills that help to ensure the Sky Trail® course is operating at an optimal level. A job on a Sky Trail® course keeps employees active and moving. 

RCI Adventure Products has courses all over the world. An RCI trained and certified operator can have opportunity at other courses around the world as the skillset translates. The same training we’d do for you, we do for our many other customers worldwide.