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Miramar Beach, FL

“When we first saw the Sky Trail® it instantly caught our attention. The products are not capital intensive. They have real permanence with little to no maintenance and minimal staffing required. Likewise, Sky Tykes® was a natural addition. The attraction draws the whole family in. Typical comments from our guests focus on how unique the attractions are, what a great time guests had, and how safe it is. The draw and appeal of the attraction was larger than we initially expected. The repeat factor is huge!” – Russ Scott, Owner of Baytowne Adventure Zone

SPECS – 6 pole, 3 level Sky Trail® Explorer with 18 elements
6 pole Sky Tykes® with 9 elements
CTS Zip Line spanning 300′ (91m)
SKY TRAIL® AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 330 daily participants
SKY TYKES® AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 90 daily participants
CTS ZIP LINE AVERAGE THROUGHPUT – 375 daily participants
ADMISSION – $15.00 Sky Trail®, $10.00 Sky Tykes®, $20.00 CTS Zip Line

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