Adventure Attractions for cruise ships, ports, resorts and island destinations

RCI Adventure Products has been working closely with the cruise ship industry for over 10 years and has installed ropes courses and other adventure products on nearly 30 ships. That number continues to grow every year as we’ve formed close relationships with leading cruise industry partners including Carnival, MSC, Norwegian, Costa and Adora Cruises. Those cruise lines trust us for our ability to not only design, manufacture and install a safe, high capacity and exciting adventure attraction, but also for our dedication support that course for the entirety of its life. The ocean environment presents challenges for any product that’s aboard a cruise ship. Season-after-season our teams are traveling across the globe to inspect, update and repair our courses while the ship is in drydock. No other ropes course manufacturer understands the challenges of the cruise industry better than RCI Adventure Products.

Adventure Attractions for All Ages

RCI Adventure Products manufactures family-focused adventure solutions. We design our courses for all ages and ability levels. We’re not just for the adrenaline seekers. We love seeing kids and grandparents alike enjoying our courses and we design each to cater to a wide-variety of guests. Cruise ships present a unique challenge with a limited footprint. However, we’ve designed courses specific to cruise ships, with side-by-side element, allowing for high capacity and high throughput.

Photo System Walk the Plank

Two of the more popular Sky Trail® course add-ons is our Sky Rail® zipline and our Walk the Plank element. Several cruise ships have added a curved Sky Rail® that takes guests safely over the edge of the ship. In similar fashion, our Walk the Plank element allows guests to traverse along a narrow beam to the edge of the element, perched 200-plus feet over the water.

Ropes course options beyond the cruise ships

The cruise ship industry isn’t contained to just the ship. RCI Adventure Products has adventure course solutions for businesses that help support the industry including resorts, ports, restaurants and island destinations. There’s opportunity when a large influx of passengers disembarks from a cruise ship in port cities and creating a family-focused entertainment center, complete with a RCI ropes course, is a perfect way to maximize on that. While the footprint of a cruise ship can limit the course size, there’s opportunity in port cities to create a one-of-a-kind destination experience with our Sky Trail® course complete with Sky Tour®, a zipline canopy experience.

Custom course options for cruise ships

The cruise ship experience can be enhanced through the implementation of amusement attractions manufactured by RCI as they accommodate large volumes of participants and offer a thrilling activity that all ages or skill levels can enjoy. Sky Trail®, Sky Rail®, Sky Tykes®, and Clip ‘n Climb® attractions are versatile, stand out with a colorful presence and adapt to a small or large space. Great additions at port destinations or on the ship itself, long-lasting paint and durable materials make these attractions ideal for unique facilities that are more prone to weather.