Whether it’s docked at one of many beautiful ports around the world or sailing the seven seas entertaining thousands, this industry is vastly different than most. For one, it is marine based and comes into port locations only on a scheduled basis to allow guests onboard to explore new destinations. On the actual ship itself guests are treated to delicious food prepared by high caliber restaurants, comfortable sleeping accommodations, relaxing opportunities to unwind and countless activities to engage in. This industry encourages Individuals of all ages to embark on one of their multifaceted vacations complete with enough entertainment to maintain excitement throughout the length of each trip.

Being at sea presents challenges of its own kind for this industry. Attractions can be located both inside of the ship or on the deck but must be able to handle a high volume of participants and withstand salty sea air if exposed to the elements. Activities also need to engage guests in ways that they are captivated for longer periods of time, or at least encouraged to come back again, since there are limited times in which they can leave the ship. When the ship is docked at a port however, guests are able to explore and walk around so an attraction situated there needs to serve as an interactive extension of the vessel’s offerings as well.

The cruise ship experience can be enhanced through the implementation of amusement attractions manufactured by RCI as they accommodate large volumes of participants and offer a thrilling activity that all ages or skill levels can enjoy. Sky Trail®, Sky Rail®, Sky Tykes®, and Clip ‘n Climb® attractions are versatile, stand out with a colorful presence and adapt to a small or large space. Great additions at port destinations or on the ship itself, long-lasting paint and durable materials make these attractions ideal for unique facilities that are more prone to weather.