Hotels and resorts are commercial establishments that are designed to accommodate the lodging needs of guests and provide them with amenities such as food, beverages, recreational activities and entertainment while they remain on the premises. Typically, these types of facilities are located where tourism or vacationing is a major local activity and can differ in terms of climate to offer guests anywhere from a tropical stay near a beach to a wintry experience at a ski resort. The main goal of locations belonging to this industry is to deliver acceptable levels of hospitality to visitors whether they be all-encompassing or standard and make sure individuals feel relaxed as well as taken care of.

To maintain a competitive advantage, these facilities typically supply special forms of entertainment such as outdoor concerts or water activities that are fun, exciting and engaging to attract the family market. These additional activities keep guests onsite for longer periods of time and are often hands-on or active in nature to keep customer satisfaction high. Any amusement attractions offered are more typically featured outdoors so guests can continue to appreciate the beauty of the destination but some hotels and resorts choose to place their attractions indoors so weather is never an interfering factor. Nevertheless wherever the attractions are situated they need to accommodate family vacationers as they are the type of guests to frequent these locations.   

Ideal for adults and children, amusement attractions manufactured by RCI such as Sky Trail® and the kid-friendly Sky Tykes® are powerful magnets that attract customers and put your location at a level above the rest. Both aerial attractions can be stand-alone or combined to appeal to a multitude of age ranges as well as generate new and repeat business from locals and tourists alike. Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls provide the same safe yet adventurous excitement through brightly colored walls and challenges that vary in difficulty for every skill level whereas Amaze’n Mazes™ are ideal for seasonal locations like ski resorts as they provide quality year-round entertainment for all ages. Our products deliver an entertainment solution that addresses family, fitness and fun which is a perfect mix for this industry.