RCI Adventure Products installed this 2-level Sky Trail® aerial ropes course on the show floor at IAAPA.


The modern family entertainment center (FEC) offers a multitude of attractions and experiences such as amusement games, arcades, video games, cinema entertainment and physical play options like batting cages, go-karts, mini-golf, bowling, paintball and ropes courses. This action-packed industry is constantly changing, adapting and evolving to discover the perfect combination of attractions to increase their competitive draw. Consumers of all ages visit to enjoy a fun day or night out consisting of a variety of game options, delicious food choices and opportunities to socialize. The atmosphere inside these types of facilities is largely energetic but relaxing as well as visitors are there to let go and focus on enjoying themselves with friends and family.

Ropes course and zipline for FECs

Keeping up with and being aware of all that families want to experience is crucial to facilities belonging to this lively industry. They are expected to provide quality entertainment throughout the week to the masses so any attractions that they offer must be exciting, highly engaging and desirable by all generations. Guests should remain entertained at all times whether they are present for a few hours in the middle of the day or during the night. The summer season and weekends bring in the most traffic for these locations so they must be equipped with activities that can accommodate large volumes of individuals at any given time.  A bonus is if these amusement attractions are unique or require participants to be active in some way as they give the location a competitive edge over others.

Custom designed Sky Trail ropes course

Aerial attractions manufactured by RCI such as Sky Trail® and Sky Tykes® allow for unused air space inside a facility to be utilized as they allow for activities to be placed underneath while Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls entice people with their colorful designs and competitive nature. With these attractions, an FEC can expect an increase in customer dwell time, additional revenue for group packages, low maintenance costs and minimal staffing requirements.