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Hayden Lake, ID

“We added the Sky Trail® and Sky Tykes® aerial attractions to our facility because they are unique attractions to our area and they appeal to our target demographic, families with small children and teenagers. The attractions have already added to our 250,000 annual visitors and have helped expand our mix of guests. We’re very happy with the investment.”– Michael Murphy, Triple Play Family Fun Park General Manager

SPECS – 7 pole, 2 level Sky Trail® Navigator with 24 elements | 6 pole Sky Tykes® with 9 elements
ADMISSION – $10.00 Sky Trail® or $4.95 All Day Pass Add On, $5.00 Sky Tykes®
BUSINESS SCOPE – Approximately 63,000 visitors experienced the Sky Trail® in first 2 seasons
SKY TRAIL® PEAK THROUGHPUT – 151 daily participants in the first 6 months

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