Through various forms of hands-on activities, engaging exhibits and guided tours, the edutainment industry presents comprehensive knowledge to guests in ways that are easy to digest and largely enjoyable. These institutions are built to serve the public with educational content in a fun yet immersive approach and depending on the facility, the location may even focus on a certain topic, theme or a younger age group to offer the community something unique.

Edutainment facilities are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach their target audience and get them interested in visiting once and then returning frequently. Merging amusement attractions with education may seem strange, but physical activity has been shown to improve not only memory but thinking skills as well. If visitors are encouraged to move their bodies in a healthy manner, there is no stopping what they’ll do much less what their minds will absorb. Activities featured at these educational locations must also make a statement and be visually appealing so that guests’ curiosity leads them to investigate for themselves. Whatever the attraction is, it mustn’t hinder learning but instead allow for it to happen alongside the entertainment.   

Proven to energize and entertain guests are amusement attractions manufactured by RCI such as Sky Trail®, Sky Rail®, and Sky Tykes® aerial attractions, Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls and Amaze’n Mazes™. Not only will Sky Trail® give participants a safe opportunity to ascend to new levels while breaking out of their comfort zone, but the addition of Sky Rail® will give them a smooth ride they’ll never forget. The availability of colors, themes and add-on elements does not stop with Sky Trail® as Amaze’n Mazes™ also features different panel colors and post material options that come in steel or finished wood. Vibrant Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls also offer a healthy activity for all climbers and range in difficulty, ultimately providing a new source of revenue for an edutainment facility.