Sky Trail® ropes course at the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY.

Interactive attractions for children’s museums & science centers

RCI Adventure Products has enjoyed a supporting the children’s museums ans science centers around the country. Children’s museums and science centers with an RCI Adventure Products attractions, such as our Sky Trail® ropes course, have discovered several benefits. First, our course appeal to a wide age range. Second, secondary sales benefit from adding a course. Third, our courses provide a self-guided, active adventure.

Adventure Courses for All Ages

The Terre Haute Children’s Museum was finding that its attractions and exhibits were appealing to younger kids and they sought out solutions to make the museum more engaging for a wider age range. In 2018 RCI Adventure Products installed a 2-level Sky Trail® ropes course, complete with a Sky Rail® zip line and helped the museum accomplish their goals. RCI’s courses are designed with the full family in mind so kids and parents enjoy the thrill of our adventure attractions.

Ropes Course Boasts Secondary Sales

Like most of our ropes courses around the world, the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY, requires closed toed, closed heel shoes. For visitors without proper footwear, the museum offered a low-cost shoe option and it has provided a endless revenue stream to the museum since the course’s installation in 2021. In addition to proper footwear, secondary sales like food and beverage can increase as guests time onsite is extended. 

In addition to secondary sales, our customers report an increase in return visitors and an increase the demographic draw, pulling visitors in from a wider geographic area.

Self-Guided Ropes Course Adventure

Museum experiences are commonly structured and guided. What guest love, especially kids, is when they get onto a Sky Trail® adventure course, they are in charge of their own adventure. They often have dozens of obstacles and path options to choose from and can go on their own self-paced adventure.

RCI designs all its rope courses to give guests the freedom to move freely through it. From a single platform, a guest could have an option of 4 or more different elements to cross. Our tracking system allows them to move in any direction on the course and even pass other guests on platforms. Our elements are designed from easy to difficult, so guests can opt for an easier adventure, if that’s their comfort level.

Attraction above other attraction

One of the great benefits of a RCI ropes course is that it can be installed above other ground exhibits and attractions. With an indoor ropes course, for example, we can design the course to fit into the unused spaces of the building, maximizing your footprint. 

Social media loves ropes courses

A lot of the feedback we get on our courses comes via social media. Children’s museums and science centers will enjoy the free promotion and a boost in their social media activity as its visitors will provide the content with regular posts. Fritz’s Adventure in Branson even installed a third-party on-course selfie station to further promote social media activity.