Soaring above botanical gardens on a ropes course

Adventure courses for agritourism

Imagine acres and acres of flowers and beautiful trees. Now imagine being able to see that full landscape in bloom. RCI ropes course give botanical gardens and other agricultural-based businesses a unique attraction that serves two purposes. First, the adventure course will support and enhance the visitor’s overall experience. Our high capacity, high throughput courses provide a consistent secondary revenue stream opportunity. We custom design each course specific to the needs of the customers and their available footprint. This allows us to tailor the course’s design to blend in well with the surrounding environment, provide picturesque views and support the target age/ability demographic. Second, by getting visitors 20, 30 and 40-plus feet off the ground, they’re better able to fully appreciate the amazing landscape that surrounds them. Now imagine a zipline adventure across a field of sunflowers or dahilas. Our customers often seen a secondary benefit as social media traffic and posts increase as visitors share their adventure with the world!

Supporting the Agritourism Movement

Botanical gardens are just one example of a growing network of agritourism-based businesses. Apple orchards, farmers markets, petting zoos, pumpkin patches, wineries and u-pick farms are some of the other popular businesses that make up the agritourism segment. These organizations have done an increasingly excellent job at maximizing their season by adding specialty markets full of small-batch preserves, baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, craft beverages and specialty apparel. In addition, they’re starting to graduate from the popular hayrides and corn mazes to other, more engaging, attractions. This is where RCI Adventure Products comes in. We’re experts are helping businesses, from a wide array of end markets, tailor an adventure solution specific to their needs. 

Adventure Tykes at Apple Orchards

Agritourism businesses are doing a great job of connecting with guests of all ages. While spending an hour picking blueberries or enjoying fields up tulips may not engage a four-year-old, agritourism businesses have developed large play areas, mazes and games specifically for their youngest guests. RCI Adventure Products recently introduced Adventure Tykes, an unharnessed net-play ropes course, designed for children 48-inches and less. These courses require minimal staffing, as kids can move on and off course at will, and are safely protected at all times by netting.

Human Mazes at the Farm

Corn mazes are great, but they have two great disadvantages: 1. You need a giant field of corn to start with and 2. Eventually you’ll plow the corn maze and will need to start over. RCI Adventure Products offers Amaze’n Mazes as a possible alternative for agritourism businesses wanting to offer a human maze, but without the corn field to do it in. An average size Amaze’n Maze is approximately 4,800 sq. ft. and can accommodate a high throughput of guests, potentially 1,500 per hour. RCI can custom-design a maze specific to your property, making it as large or small as needed. Because it’s constructed from durable materials, made for outdoor use, Amaze’n Maze is a permanent, low maintenance four-season attraction.

Kids gravitate to the Amaze’n Maze, giving parents an opportunity to rest, congregate together while enjoying a snack and/or beverage. With one entrance and one exit point, parents can have peace-of-mind knowing their kids are in a safe, confined area. Viewing platforms are also available, providing guests a birds-eye view of the course and the ability to monitor participants.