Refreshed & Efficient: 2018 Equipment Catalog

It is important to keep all equipment up to date and in tip-top shape so participants can safely interact with your Sky Trail® or Sky Tykes® ropes course. Fortunately, understanding what you need and how to obtain necessary equipment is made simple with the refreshed RCI equipment catalog!

The catalog itself covers 4 distinct sections over a total of 6 pages and allows customers to view images of the equipment options that are essential with regards to the operation of a ropes course. The first section provides visuals for all types of harnesses one could possibly need for their attraction. Harness sizes range from XXS (Sky Tykes® only) to X-Large which properly fits someone between 6’3” and 7’ in stature.

Aside from harnesses, the following sections offer various slingline options, emergency takedown kit supplies necessary for the rescue of a participant and miscellaneous parts such as a harness rack or finger keys. Each item is clearly labeled and visually represented for customers so they can choose what is needed.

Whether the purchase is a new acquisition or a necessary replacement, it can be found in the updated equipment catalog. The equipment ordering process, as explained on the introductory page of the catalog, allows for transparency with regards to the status of what is being purchased as orders are confirmed and processed soon after the aftermarket sales department is contacted by a customer, any questions are answered and items are shipped upon completion. If you wish to contact the aftermarket sales department, send all inquiries to or call (269) 673-0016 and toll free at (877) 203-0557.   

The current version of the equipment catalog can be accessed within the Client Portal, as can several other useful resources such as the element catalog, safety forms, and operator manuals. Gaining access to the Client Portal allows you to review materials that will not only help in your marketing efforts, but your overall safety efforts as well. If you have any questions or wish to obtain a portal code, please contact the Services Department and you will be helped shortly!