3 Ways Your Facility Can Take Advantage of the Spooky Season

There’s something mysterious in the air which can only mean one thing: it’s almost Halloween! Yes, as of now there are 3 weeks until the day of dramatic transformations, copious amounts of candy, unexpected jumpscares and all around creepy happenings. It’s pretty easy to decorate for the eerie holiday at your home, school or even workplace but what are ways say, a family entertainment center can bring on the spooks for its guests?

It’s actually just as simple to tailor your space (and your attractions!) to fit the monthly theme and we’re here to help you do exactly that. When decorating, however, it is important to remember that nothing should interfere with the performance of your attractions or safety of your participants while on them. For example, that means not obstructing rules signs, the fit of any harness or the insertion of slinglines into the overhead tracking. Otherwise positive ways to get your facility in the mood are:

  • Host a costume contest with prizes
  • Offer holiday-centric specials or deals
  • Exploration of Sky Trail® at night (outdoor option)

  • Costume contest with giveaway items

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like to dress up and assume a new persona on Halloween which is why hosting a costume contest is a great way to get your guests involved! If you really want to diversify the contest, create different categories and pick a winner of each. For example: Adult age group, Best Duo (partner costume), Best Overall, etc.

Awards can be given out to those who show up with the best, most creative costumes and can be in the form of whatever you’d like whether that is mini trophies, coupons or an assortment of goodies presented in gift baskets. The choice is yours but have some fun with it!

  • Halloween perks, specials or deals

Special one-time deals centered around the holiday are guaranteed to peak the interest of many and likely cause them to take advantage of the savings! This is a great way to increase the flow of patrons and have them enjoy the attractions. Specials could even be group-focused and offer ‘15% off for groups of 3 or more on 10/31’ which families are bound to love. Do what makes sense for your facility but give your guests a treat they’ll appreciate!

  • Have guests explore your Sky Trail® in the dark!

This option would of course only be viable if you are the owner of an outdoor Sky Trail® but it’ll really put a fun twist on an attraction guests already know and love. Enhance their experience even further and stay true to theme with the addition of glow bands, glow in the dark face paint and lights participants can wear on their heads!

Bottom line, make the most of out Halloween and use its unique-feel to really amp up your facility. Your guests will remember how exciting it was and look forward to next year!