5 Reasons Why Your Ski Resort Needs Summer Attractions ASAP

Family entertainment for ski resorts

Whether you own or operate a winter-weather dependent destination, you’re familiar with the feeling of watching the glistening snow disappear from the slopes, the process of squaring all rental equipment away and officially closing down for the year. It’s routine for ski resorts or tubing hotspots to pack up once temperatures rise but what if there is so much more to be taken advantage of? Sure, activities may be primarily contingent upon snow being available but truth be told, there are countless additional opportunities that become possible once the grass becomes green.

In fact, there are 5 distinct reasons why it is beneficial for wintery locations to consider opening up their facilities for the warmer months. Let’s waste no time and get to it!

Attract new audiences as well as regulars

It’s quite common to see winter sport enthusiasts walk through the doors of your ski resort not long after the first snowfall but it takes a bit more effort to attract those who may not be as into skiing, snowboarding or even tubing. Because “the potential number of customers in summer is far higher than in winter” according to select parts of the U.S., it’s crucial to have the upper hand and transform your skier’s paradise into a fantastic summertime spot [1]. Appeal to newcomers by incorporating a Sky Trail® that they can enjoy with friends and family or invite guests to try out your go-kart track only open for the warmer months. The options are endless and you’d be surprised by how much creative freedom the hotter season can grant you when it comes to your space!

Discover untapped revenue streams  

By closing before the onset of spring, you are effectively forfeiting any additional revenue that could be acquired after your specified cutoff date. Since the summer presents such a significant period in which revenue streams can be diversified, “about three-quarters of all U.S. ski areas have some type of non-winter activity” as they commonly “have the infrastructure to host large groups (base lodging, parking, food service)” for weddings, meetings or conferences [1]. Make the most out of your expansive space and don’t let it lie dormant just because the snow isn’t present.

More time to experiment with new ideas

When you are open for winter you of course have skiing, snowboarding and tubing as well as a cozy lodge for visitors to warm up inside or indulge in hot beverages. Seeing as there is no snow or need to warm up during summer, guests will want fresh, fun activities to participate in. If it isn’t Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls or a larger Sky Trail® attraction, your resort can also incorporate other forms of recreation like “disc golf, alpine slides, hiking, geocaching, mini golf, Euro-bungee” as well as so much more [1]. The terrain and overall scenery present at many ski resorts also result in prime opportunities for guests to try out mountain biking, canopy tours or other outdoor recreational activities.  

Easily host outdoor events

Got plenty of outdoor space? Sure you do! Use those rolling hills and expansive fields to host festivals, concerts or adventure races for guests. And bonus “often, the resort is just the host site for the activity, with an event organizer actually running the show” so you provide the space, and fun ensues [1]. If outdoor events aren’t your thing just yet, adding a Sky Trail® like tubing destination, Big Bear Snow Play, did can delight guests just the same.

Year-round staffing opportunities

Switching up staff members when the season starts back up again can feel arduous at times as new employees constantly have to be retrained and more experienced employees are not always present to help out those just hired. Operating in the summer allows those hired during winter months to stay, gain more experience and keep everything running smoothly.  

Winter activities may be your bread and butter but the utilization of your outdoor (and indoor) space during the warmer months can prove to increase your business’ revenue and bring new visitors to your location. It’s a win-win!  

Sources: Belin, D. (2014, June 05). Increasing Summer Activities at Ski Areas. Retrieved from https://blog.liftopia.com/increasing-summer-activities-ski-areas/.