Adventure courses on cruise ships

RCI Adventure Products headed to Seatrade Cruise Global

RCI Adventure Products will, once again, be exhibiting at Seatrade Cruise Global from April 9-11 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The conference, which opens a day earlier on April 8, brings together 600-plus exhibitors, nearly 2,000 executives representing over 100 cruise line brands.

RCI’s team can be found in the Entertainment section of the exhibit hall at booth no. 4904. RCI’s portfolio of products is full of family-oriented adventure opportunities, appealing to a wide age range and skill level. We’ve partnered with the industry’s top cruise lines for years, providing them with fun, safe and innovative adventure attractions.

Adventure Courses on Cruise Ships

One of the products RCI will feature is its Sky Trail® adventure course, which is custom-designed for each cruise ship to meet that ship’s unique footprint. Our popular Sky Rail® integrates seamlessly onto the Sky Trail® and gives guests a thrilling, smooth and safe ride, even taking them out over the ship’s edge. One of the most popular Sky Trail® elements is Walk the Plank, a thin beam that allows guests to traverse beyond the course edge and over the water! 

RCI will also feature its Adventure Trail® net-play, unharnessed course option. The Adventure Trail® is a high-capacity course that requires minimal staffing. Guests can experience the thrill of ascending climbing towers, traversing rope bridges and cruising down spiral slides. Theses courses have also been integrated with our Sky Trail® and with water-based attractions.

Climbing Walls for Cruise Ships

RCI Adventure Products is a distributor for Clip ‘n Climb, the market leader in fun climbing structures. Clip ‘n Climb departs from the old standby, those slate grey climbing walls that often appeal to only skilled climbers. Clip ‘n Climb walls are visually engaging, have a much wider age-range appeal and fit to a wider climbing skill levels. Children as young as 4 can experience a Clip ‘n Climb wall! 

Not only does Clip ‘n Climb offer a wide variety of wall options, but they can be mixed and matched, increasing in difficultly. Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls are offered in variable heights, commonly between 22 to 34 feet, giving it the versatility to meet a facilities existing ceiling height.

One of the biggest benefits of Clip ‘n Climb walls on a cruise ship is capacity. Each wall has a relatively narrow footprint, at just less than 6-feet, allowing multiple walls to be placed side-by-side. Since each uses the same harness system, guests can quickly move from one wall to the next. 

Clip ‘n Climb and Sky Trail® utilize the same safety equipment, so guests can move from the Sky Trail® course to the climbing walls, reducing labor and improving throughput.

30 Cruise Ships

RCI Adventure Products is approaching 30 cruise ships that have one of our adventure courses installed. Our team understands the unique challenges that come with the industry, from material used to engineering to installation to continued maintenance.

The pipeline for 2024 and beyond continues to fill up with new cruise ship adventure course opportunities. Seatrade Cruise will give our team a valuable opportunity to sit down with our customers to discuss new products, designs and course elements.

Busy Dry Dock Season

The beginning of 2024 has kept the RCI’s team busy as we’ve deployed teams all over the globe to support cruise ships currently in dry dock. This is one of the leading differentiators between RCI and our competitors, we provided continual, unparalleled customer support through the life of our products. The dry dock window is narrow and crucial, so our team is ready when that window is open for course inspections, repairs and enhancements. This is one of the reasons leading cruise lines continue to work with us.