More Than Just Fun & Games: The Impact of Amusement Parks in India

It is an undisputed fact that people around the world want to be entertained and have fun with their friends and family. Wanting to relax after a long work week or during a well earned vacation is just natural. The amusement and theme park industry understands this desire and works tirelessly each year to develop the latest innovative rides, restaurants and small shops that families of all ages will love. One particular area where the interest in both amusement and theme parks has noticeably risen is throughout the diverse country of India. In the past two decades, the “concept of amusement parks” and entertainment “has seen drastic growth with the dawn of globalisation and boost in the rising disposable income for consumers” [1]. This increase in income has largely proven to benefit the country on both a small and large scale.That means employment opportunities, a rise in tourism and the creation of a broad customer base for other businesses.

Any time there is job creation for a community of people let alone an entire country, it is something to celebrate. Because of the interest in amusement style parks and the fact that these facilities are often quite sizable, a large amount of jobs have to be created to handle the operations and ensure each guest has a favorable experience. In 2018, it was reported that the Indian amusement and theme park industry had produced employment “for more than 75,000 people” which is impressive in its own right [1]. The benefits caused by the addition of both amusement and theme parks are undeniable and they aren’t just limited to job creation. Going even deeper, the quality of that employment and the services training required to succeed in each position “are also helping to improve the livelihood” of every person granted a job in the industry [1]. Attention is being given to those behind the scenes so that the guest experience can be that much more genuine and enjoyable.     

With more parks, it only makes sense that all employees be prepared and ready for the crowds of not just other locals but visiting tourists as well. All in all amusement parks located in India bring in over 30 million visitors annually and “contribute nearly 40 percent of the total leisure industry turnover which are key drivers of growth among the services sector in India” [2]. It is the 30-35 percent of people frequenting the parks that have the most impact on the area as they consist of outside visitors and thus equal a major source of tourism for the country. Those coming to the parks often tend to be families of all ages with adults as part of the unit or separately with organized corporate groups.   

Thrilling rides, great food and souvenirs to take home are appealing aspects to everyone whether you’re from the area or not due to the playful and carefree attitude of amusement parks. People want to have a good time with those close to them and that has been very apparent throughout India and with the rise in digital and virtual entertainment offerings, the need for more, or at least innovative additions to, public amusement or theme parks are likely to increase. We’ll have to wait see what the future holds!   



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