Beat the Rush and Place Orders Ahead of Time

Need to replace a worn element or need additional equipment for your RCI attraction in a hurry? Let’s discuss ways we can work together to ensure you get what you need in an efficient manner. We get it – sometimes things happen out of the blue and it can be difficult to predict what equipment you will need when, but there are a few things we suggest having ready and on hand to eliminate the need for rush orders when the time comes.

If you would like to add a new element onto your Sky Trail® or need proper equipment to keep operators and participants safe, look no further than the updated catalogs featured on our website in the Client Portal. Accessing the Client Portal allows you to download and browse through the Equipment Catalog and the Element Catalog where items such as harnesses, slinglines, rope ladders and more can be found. Elements and slinglines are made-to-order and take longer to construct so it is highly recommended that extras of certain items, namely slinglines, are kept on hand at your location. Other items such as finger keys, carabiners or split pucks are kept in stock and can typically be sent out in a quick fashion upon ordering. If you wish to obtain a portal code, please contact the Services Department.

Another thing to keep in mind before placing an order is that spring and summer are the busiest seasons for RCI’s Aftermarket Sales department, which means lead times are a little longer than they would be in the fall and winter. Because of this, we suggest visiting the Safety & Equipment page on our website and downloading the Element Measurement Guide if you need to replace an element. The measurement guide was designed to give the Aftermarket Sales staff the details they need upfront to get you a quote faster, thus speeding up the process.          

All in all, we want you and your business to thrive, so we will always try to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible. For more information on what is needed to process a product order visit the Safety & Equipment page or email Aftermarket Sales. Plan your orders ahead of time and from everyone at RCI, have a safe summer!