Growing in Size : Aftermarket Sales Department

As RCI grows, so does our staff! One department that recently grew in terms of its members is Aftermarket Sales. Due to this department’s close relationship with clients, we wanted to take the time to not only reacquaint customers with existing staff but introduce new individuals that have joined the RCI team!

Many clients may already know Kristen Linn (pictured left) as she has had years of experience handling aftermarket needs but recently joining her is Ronda Hulst and Abby Napier (pictured middle and right, respectively). Take a few moments to read what these ladies have to say about the fast-paced Aftermarket Sales Department!

Welcome to the team Abby and Ronda! Tell us a little bit of your background and why you decided to work for RCI.

Ronda  – I worked in private aviation handling customer accounts for 35 years. I wanted to work for RCI because the adventure products seemed very exciting to learn about. I particularly love the fact that our products are something an entire family can do together no matter what age they are. That resonates with me because I have grandchildren I could experience these attractions with.

Abby – I previously worked at a civil engineering firm as a CADD Technician and Team Lead. I decided to join RCI because it is a growing company that is doing a lot of exciting things in the amusement industry. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Sky Trail® experience and I am excited to learn the ins and outs of the growing portfolio of products alongside an amazing team!

Describe what you’ll be doing each day. Do you work as a group or individually? 

Kristen – I have been working at RCI for 7 years now and I will continue servicing our clients with all of their aftermarket needs. The new additions to our team will result in us divvying up our current accounts so I will be able to focus on providing more individualized attention to our corporate accounts, our clients with 3 or more RCI products. I will be able to talk to our corporate clients more frequently and ensure that their operations are running smoothly at all times of the year. 

While I have enjoyed working with ALL of our clients these past years, in order to keep up with the massive growth RCI is undertaking and still provide the exceptional customer service we strive to deliver, we had to shift accordingly. This shift will allow more hands-on, personalized service for all of our clients! But hey – if you miss me, I am only a phone call away if you want to say hello! 😉

Abby – I will be helping clients with all of their repair needs. I will work with the sewing and shipping departments very closely to get equipment repairs processed or new orders fulfilled and sent back to the client as quickly as possible. 

Ronda – I will be handling all of the smaller accounts, our clients with only 1 or 2 RCI products. My hope is to be more proactive and reach out to our clients on a regular basis to talk about how their operations are going and assist in any way I can. I will handle requests for new products, such as new Sky Trail® elements or Clip ‘n Climb® walls. That means I will be working with our design and engineering departments, as well as with the rest of the aftermarket team. 

What information do you need from a client to begin a work order for them? 

Kristen – Details, details, details! The more details you can provide up front, the faster we can get the order moving! For example- quantities, color, product name or description, item number (if you have it), location on the attraction, and a purchase order number if needed. We also love pictures for confirmation! If you need to browse the RCI element and equipment catalogs so you know what you may need or would like to gain access to other useful resources such as operator manuals we have all of that and more available in our Client Portal. You can access the Client Portal using a designated code given by our Services Department. The Client Portal contains so many resources that can help in your safety as well as marketing efforts!

Abby – In order to process a repair, there’s some pertinent information I need to know so we can get the order processed as quickly as possible. If you need some equipment repaired we have easy-to-use forms you can fill out which answer a lot of our questions. These forms are available on the Safety & Equipment page of our website. There you will even find the element measurement sheet that Kristen and Ronda use for new element orders. Questions about equipment that I need to be answered include the following: What are you sending? How many? What color is it? What do you think needs to be repaired on it? Once I know this information, I can get you an RMA# so that you can send in your gear and we can get it inspected and quoted.

Ronda – I haven’t really done much with customer projects yet but I would need to have as much detail as possible on what they would like to order.  I’d like to know if they are looking for new expansion elements, a QUICKjump, or something other than equipment, where they are looking to put the attraction and what they would like to see changed. I’m here to help improve their facility if I can! 

How do you describe your job to family and friends? What are their reactions?

Kristen – I tell them I work in Aftermarket Sales for a company that builds Sky Trail® aerial attractions all over the world. It usually follows with a brief explanation of what a Sky Trail® is, with some examples of sites that they may have heard of. Everyone I have ever told thinks it’s an awesome place to work (and so do I)!

Abby – My friends and family think it’s pretty exciting and cool that I work at a company that offers such fun products!

Ronda – I get excited talking about it. I usually tell them about how our products provide unique entertainment to a businesses facility which draws in more customers for them and makes me feel like I’m really helping our clients.  My friends and family typically get just as excited about it as I do!

Will any of you be attending IAAPA, and if so, can clients schedule a meeting with you? 

Kristen – Yes, I will be attending IAAPA this year and I would love to meet with clients! If you are going to be there too, please contact me to set up a meeting, or at the very least, please stop by to say hello! We’re in booth #5730. If you don’t have tickets yet, please let us know and we can provide you with some guest passes. I always enjoy IAAPA because I get to meet many new clients, and I love matching a name to a face!

Ronda – I will be attending the expo as well and I would love to meet with clients. I want to make the most out of my first trip to IAAPA so if anyone would like to schedule a meeting with Kristen or I ahead of time, please let us know. We’d be happy to discuss new element options, equipment repairs and other ways we can update your attractions.

Abby – I will be holding down the fort back at headquarters to ensure there are no delays in product orders while the rest of the sales team attends the show. I will be ready to assist Ronda and Kristen with any new orders as they come in as well.