Client Spotlight: Main Event Entertainment

For our last blog of 2019 (cue shock and awe), we’d like to highlight a particular client of ours that plenty of you are most likely already familiar with and that is Main Event Entertainment or just Main Event for short. The company has been working with us since 2008 and their wildly popular family entertainment centers located all across the country currently feature a combined total of 31 Sky Trail® aerial attractions. I hope you’re buckled in because in this blog, we’ll get into exactly where those Sky Trails® are, why they work so well for Main Event facilities and how the company labels themselves a “progressive innovator” [1].

So where are Main Event facilities that currently possess a Sky Trail®?

As we stated above, there are 31 total Sky Trail® attractions in U.S. based Main Event locations. The facilities are spread across the country but tend to be situated in the middle with greater concentrations in Texas and surrounding states. This is of course in part due to Main Event headquarters being based out of Plano, Texas.

The company was originally founded in 1988 and has 40+ locations in 18 U.S. states. Each family entertainment center features a range of activities such as billiards, bowling, laser tag, arcade games including virtual reality (VR), mini golf, Sky Trail® and the space to sing your heart out with karaoke. Food and beverages are also of course available for guests in the form of full restaurant services and a full-service bar.

But where can guests experience a Sky Trail®? Here is a full list of locations!

* = Sky Trail® present features Sky Rail® for participants

ME = Main Event

ArizonaME – Avondale
ME – Gilbert*
ME – Tempe
ColoradoME – Highlands Ranch*
DelawareME – Wilmington*
FloridaME – Orlando
GeorgiaME – Alpharetta
ME – Parkway Point
ME – Suwanee*
IllinoisME – Hoffman Estates*
ME – Warrenville
KansasME – Olathe*
KentuckyME – Louisville
LouisianaME – Baton Rouge*
MissouriME – Independence
ME – North Kansas City*
New MexicoME – Albuquerque
OhioME – Avon*
ME- West Chester
OklahomaME – OKC
ME – Tulsa
TennesseeME – Knoxville*
ME – Memphis
TexasME – Frisco
ME – Humble*
ME – Katy
ME – North Fort Worth*
ME – Pharr
ME – San Antonio North
ME – San Antonio West
ME – Stafford

Why Sky Trails® fit so well with the Main Event business model

There are 3 main reasons that help explain why a Sky Trail® and its add-on element, Sky Rail®, are so ideal for businesses like Main Event and those are:

  1. Complements passive entertainment
  2. Takes advantage of unused air space
  3. Able to accommodate large groups at once unlike arcade games

Let’s break those 3 down a little further starting with how the addition of a Sky Trail® complements passive entertainment. What we mean by that is that Sky Trail® diversifies a space. Guests are able to both enjoy watching others perform karaoke or eat great food and physically engage with elements on the aerial attraction. There is the best of both worlds and visitors are given the freedom to choose what they’d like to do.

It’s no surprise that Sky Trail® attractions are vertical in nature. Yes they expand out depending on pole number and overall square footage, but they do rise upwards, hence ‘aerial’ attraction. This aspect makes them perfect for facilities looking to take advantage of areas they already have: ceiling space. Sky Trails® are able to be situated above arcade games and other activities to give participants a unique experience.

Family entertainment centers see plenty of individuals come through their doors on a daily basis and Main Event is no different which means they need activities that cater to the crowds. One of those activities able to accommodate large groups like birthday parties, reunions and corporate events is Sky Trail® as it has a higher capacity limit. Those belonging to large groups don’t have to feel left out since everyone involved is able to partake.

How they make the FEC scene their own

Main Event has been a fixture since 1988 and they impressively serve “more than 20 million guests annually” which translates to: they’ve paved their own way and it’s proven successful. Why? Well, their number one focus is “ inclusive family experiences” and how they can differentiate from others in the industry aiming to do the same thing [1].

The offering of late-night menus and various activities only available after dark is one thing they’ve chosen to do differently. Guests who want to enjoy an experience later in the day are able to do so inside of a Main Event and let the fun continue! Aside from staying open later to cater to new audiences, Main Event has also added more virtual reality games and debuted multiple dining options for multiple types of guests: those who are looking for a quick bite and others preferring a sit-down meal.

Bottom line is that Main Event is a special client of ours and one that has learned how to best mix our adventure products with their fun-spirited atmosphere, much to the delight of their guests. If you have not already, we recommend you go and check out one of their locations!

Interested in seeing where the nearest Sky Trail® is to you? Head on over to our map to get a better look!


[1] Klein, D. (2019, December). Main Event Remains Eatertainment’s ‘Progressive Innovator’. Retrieved from