Does the attraction manufacturer you’re considering offer online training? We do!

There is a visible gap in our industry between the cutting edge technology that manufacturers use to create amusement attractions and the lack of technology used by most manufacturers when it comes to delivering their training.

We’re one of the only amusement attraction manufacturers that offer a comprehensive online training system, an important consideration when deciding from whom to purchase your next entertainment attraction. As of June 2018, 4,630 operator certifications have been awarded to trainees from 177 different RCI attraction sites.

How does the online training system work?

The online training system streamlines the certification process immensely. Every certified trainer has access to each of their operator’s training documents to download and print directly from the learning management system (LMS) at any point in time. The trainer completes an online checklist in the LMS before a trainee is eligible to take the electronic written tests.

Trainees complete the online written test and it is submitted electronically. After passing an exam, the trainer and the trainee are emailed a pdf of the certification where they can download directly from their email. While practical testing still takes place with real equipment and a certified trainer present, the online system is saving trainers a lot of administrative burdens, as the system automatically emails managers and trainees when a certification is close to expiring, and it will automatically open up access for a trainee to take the exam again.

One of our trainers, Grace Colegrove, gives her perspective:

Do clients like using the online training system?

I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our clients who are using the online testing system. It is a great improvement from our previous system and clients are able to have complete control over training their employees, which allows them to be fully self-sufficient in that area. The system is very easy to use and trainers no longer have to contact RCI when they are hosting a training, they can simply input their trainees, enroll in courses, and access certificates whenever they want!

What are the reactions from past clients who previously used paper manuals and are using the online system for the first time?

Clients who have previously used our older training systems are very pleased with our new model. There is no more waiting to receive a paper manual or certificate. Everything is now immediately accessible online. Clients are now able to run their trainings wherever and whenever they want.

What is the percentage of people that fail the online test and must take it a 2nd time?

It is very rare that a trainee fails the online test; there is a 99% first-time pass rate. The online test is given after the trainee has completed two days of hands-on training. The trainee must exhibit a level of understanding and application of the job before the certified trainer assigns them the online test. If a trainee does fail the online test, we can simply sit down with them and go over why they failed and they are allowed to take it a second time.


Can we tell you more about the advantages of our online training platform?