Expand Your Products and Business with RCI

Whether you own a family entertainment center that’s regularly teeming with activity, an energetic amusement park, or even a wildlife zoo, you know very well the twinge of anxiety and excitement that follows the purchase of a new attraction. Sure, it is an accomplishment and a new way to entertain your guests. That’s first and foremost. But, at the same time it can feel overwhelming and a tad intimidating. Luckily, there is good news to calm those pesky nerves of yours: with RCI adventure products, you can start low and expand over time as you grow more comfortable. That means if you’re not sure about acquiring climbing walls just yet but know that in the future your guests will adore them, that’s perfectly fine.

Here at RCI, we’re here to help your business be the best that it can be and if you’ve got a plan for expansion you’d like to stick to, we’re onboard. Start with what you’d like first and build on it down the line. Now, if everything said so far sounds a bit familiar let’s discuss a few key points that pertain to this method of thinking and why it is fair to stand by it:

  • It’s all about investing + planning for the future
  • It’s important to observe current trends + customer desires

Invest in the future of your business

Your business is what you make of it so tailoring your attractions to the theme, mood and location is pretty important. Deciding to start off with a Sky Trail® is a considerable investment in of itself but it is the possibilities that the purchase opens up that makes it so exciting for your facility. The customizable nature of the product allows additional features to be added on at any point in the future so if you initially choose to integrate a few more, say,  two years after the sale, it is entirely doable.

Have a Sky Trail® currently but down the road end up wanting something for little children or maybe a few climbing walls for those who enjoy the challenge? It’s all about what solutions are right for your business and how you plan that out is a personal decision. We’re just here to help you along the way and provide you with attractions that are sure to make guests of all ages visiting your location smile. 

Observing trends and behaviors around you

After you’ve welcomed a sizable new attraction, like a Sky Trail®, into your space and gone through the motions of opening it up to the public, the act of stepping back should come next. Not entirely, there is still a business to run, but just enough to objectively observe how your visitors are reacting to the addition. Are they excited? Who seems to be enjoying it the most (families, birthday party groups, etc.)? Consciously taking record of this information will not only help with regards to future planning but marketing efforts as well. 

You may also find that customers coming through your doors are suggesting online or in person what you should look into adding next. If so, it can’t hurt to open up a suggestion box onsite (or section on your website) and seriously consider bringing in attractions like Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls if it is the sort of thing guests want.  

It’s natural to feel a bit intimidated when larger attractions come into play but there is time (and the freedom) available to expand and build upon current offerings so do what is fitting for your operations and know that we’re here to help!