Go on, get lost: Is a maze the right adventure attraction for your business?

The minute a participant enters a maze, the race is on to solve the puzzle! Amaze’n Mazes™ provide quality, year-long entertainment that not only keeps visitors moving but supplies them with an attraction in which they can unleash their competitive side! Participants are guaranteed to fine tune their navigation skills while they engage in the task of completing the maze in the fastest time possible. All Amaze’n Mazes™ are versatile, safe, durable and compliment a variety of other attractions.

While the obvious goal of the Amaze’n Mazes experience is to make your way out in the fastest time possible, a 2nd game is built into it as well. Each runner is given a “passport” which must be punched by 4 separate letters hidden within the puzzle that spell the word M-A-Z-E. Once you’ve found each letter, the race is on to find the exit.

One staff person is needed to monitor the entrance and exit. Their job is to punch each runners passport with the time they enter the maze and the time they leave so runners can race for the best time possible. Maze owners often keep a leaderboard with runners’ best times each day for additional engagement and prize opportunities.

The ability to customize your maze goes beyond panel colors and overall themes as the type of post used to construct the attraction can also be specified. Structural posts are offered predominantly in steel, but cedar posts are available as an alternative option. The wooden posts are durable and give any maze a traditionally rustic appearance, keeping in line with natural environments and themes. If steel is desired, the posts are coated with long-lasting paint to give a finished and polished look. No matter the material, both options will hold up year-round and bring smiles to every participant.

Features & Benefits

  • High capacity: The average size maze (4,800ft2) can accommodate up to 320 people at one time or 1,500 per hour
  • Low labor cost: 1-2 operators recommended
  • Minimal maintenance: Durable materials have proven longevity of 20+ years
  • Theming capabilities: Array of color options and custom theming to complement any environment
  • Entertainment factor: Keeps guests active instead of waiting in long lines
  • Modifiable: Easy to move panels allow you to change the maze regularly
  • Year-round: Operational in any type of weather

Return on Investment

The table below estimates how much revenue a business could expect to accumulate based on the number of maze runners that experience the attraction at an average of $5 per ticket on 1 business day and in 6 months time if the business were open 5 days a week*.