Immersive Entertainment Meets Retail

Shopping malls and other retail spaces around the world, but particularly those in the United States, are experiencing a metamorphosis. No longer are people wanting the same stores that they’ve frequented in the past. They simply want more. This means that in addition to the shops there should also be immersive entertainment, live performances, new and interesting dining options and last but not least, adventure type attractions for the entire family. The current state of retail consists of grabbing the attention of visitors, selling an experience and providing them with unique entertainment or activities that they won’t find while online shopping.

To break this down even further, let’s look at 4 components helping to revolutionize and elevate malls across America.

Diverse Dining:

While out and about guests are bound to work up an appetite. To help satisfy cravings and stave off hunger pains, a range of dining options need to be present if the mall intends to increase the dwell time of its customers. Depending on the mall type and overall location this could mean anything from sports bars with snack food to health conscious or upscale  restaurants catering to those wanting a more high-end experience. With the right food options available, visitors are able to temporarily take a break, refuel and continue on with their shopping.

Unconventional Additions:

When most people think of a mall they typically think of endless shops, food courts and scattered gumball machines. Needless to say, that won’t suffice anymore in the battle with online outlets. Popular additions making their way into malls include movie theaters, gyms, hair salons or spas, child play areas, trampolines and more. Passive shops can no longer be the main staples of retail facilities as guests are looking for engaging and exciting spaces in which they can spend hours with friends or family.   

Live Entertainment:

New entertainment showing itself more and more within malls or other retail spaces is increasingly in the form of live shows. The performers, props and music help to create a dynamic experience and captivate onlookers which in turn leads to increased dwell time. Live entertainment can also include events that complement the other shops present.  

Adventure Attractions:

Last but certainly not least, the addition of adventure attractions has become a go-to for many malls looking to shake things up and attract the entire family. RCI adventure products like Sky Trail® aerial attractions and Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls utilize existing space, lead to increases in secondary sales such as food or beverages, welcome participants of all skill levels and are visually appealing with bright colors. The integration of attractions like this give retail spaces a unique edge that is bound to draw crowds and challenge all ages!


Check out Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY to see how they incorporated a Sky Trail® attraction into their retail space!