IPlay America Installs New Jersey’s Largest Indoor Sky Trail

iPlay America, a very well-known indoor entertainment facility, announced earlier this month their $2.5 million expansion plan to take place now through May. Included in their expansion plan is a 9 pole Sky Trail® Discovery and 7 pole integrated Sky Tykes® manufactured by Ropes Courses, Inc.

The Discovery ropes course will stand nearly 20 feet tall. It’ll provide a daring in-the-air experience for participants over 48″ tall. The Sky Tykes® ropes course allows for little explorers under 48″ tall to experience the same kind of challenges that their older siblings or other adult family members have on the Sky Trail®.  This attraction combination will cater to a multitude of age ranges within the community to generate new and repeat business.

Rob Spahr, writer for NJ.com quoted CEO Bob McDaid. “The [spinning coaster and] ropes course are great for the whole family and team-building groups, too,” McDaid said. “And, of course new birthday party and team-building packages will include these new fun features.”

Ropes Courses, Inc. prides itself on providing family entertainment attractions around the world that work extremely well in capturing the elusive pre-teen and teenager markets. Sky Trail® ropes courses provide fun, skill-based experiences, which fits right into iPlay America’s demographics.

Read more about the installation in the NJ.com article, “Popular indoor amusement park announces major expansion” here.