Jordan’s Furniture unveils Sky Trail® attraction ‘Beanstalk’

Jordan’s Furniture in Reading, Massachusetts unveils ‘Beanstalk’, a brand new ropes course attraction to their store on December 12, 2014. Beanstalk features a two level Sky Trail® Navigator, Sky Rail™ and a Sky Tykes™.

The retailer, known for its commercials featuring chief executive Eliot Tatelman and its decidedly non-furniture related attractions such as an IMAX theater and an ice cream shop, has installed an “adventure ropes course” called Beanstalk at its Reading store.

“Beanstalk is taking indoor entertainment to another level. Literally!” Tatelman said in a statement. “I can’t wait to see our customers’ faces when they walk in our store and see Beanstalk.”

The course includes two levels of ropes and platforms. It is 32 feet high and includes a 69-foot zipline and costs between $10 and $12. The store also includes a smaller course called Beansprout for kids under four feet tall, which costs $6.

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