Labor Day: Have Fun with Safety in Mind

We hope your summer has been one to remember – lots of sunshine, smiling guests and good food of course. Many people will be taking road trips and spending time with their families over the U.S. holiday weekend. To help ensure every guest has a safe and enjoyable time when participating on your RCI attraction, please review the common situations and safeguards below.

Operational Hazards:
It’s busy, you have a line out the door, there’s commotion, it’s loud, an operator called in sick – your staff are trying to keep it together. Remember to remain calm, check, and recheck each harness that is fitted to a participant, each carabiner, and the placement of the puck in the track. Carabiners needs to be locked and lifted up on the slingline until tight to ensure there is proper attachment before any participant is allowed on the course. It is also very important for operators to always remember to check that their own safety equipment is properly attached before going on an attraction.

The entrance to the attraction is never to be left unattended at any time especially during busy holiday hours. Harnessing many participants can cause operators to become very busy, but that is no reason for the entrance to be left wide open.

If participants are acting inappropriately, ignoring rules or being disruptive while on the course, they must be spoken to immediately especially if they are being unsafe. If the participant ignores their first warning, it may be appropriate for the operator to ask them to leave the course.

Unfavorable Conditions: 
If your attraction is located outdoors, safeguards should be taken during hot weather. Everyone should stay hydrated and wear sunscreen. Operators should be mindful of how much time customers are on the course and also remember to rotate themselves on and off for heat relief. They should look for signs of heat exhaustion, cramps and dizziness. Self care is very important because if operators are not taking care of themselves, they cannot take care of your customers!

Unpredictable Weather: 
If there is inclement weather in the area, use the course at your own risk and prepare for hazards. Your facility should have weather procedures available on signs near the attraction and online stating the plan of action in the case of adverse weather. The course is not to be operated if there is lightning within 5 miles of the course. Operators should regularly check the radar to monitor a storm. High wind speeds on the course that impede daily operations should be considered as reason to close as well. Operators must be able to communicate with other operators and participants in a reasonable manner. Refer to your operator manual for more information on weather, rescue and emergency procedures.

Please make sure all of your operators follow proper safety procedures at all times and remain vigilant in keeping safety the number one priority over the busy holiday.

Feel free to reach out to the services department if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a fun weekend and keep safety in mind!