Learn Upon LMS: Power to the Trainer

RCI has upgraded to a more user-friendly and efficient learning management system (LMS) for operator training! The new system, Learn Upon LMS, allows you to access and manage your operators more effectively than ever before. We are pleased to give the power back to you, the trainers. You can add operators to the Learn Upon LMS system at any time or day of the week after practical training has been completed.

Additional perks:

  • Exams have been revamped with new questions and verbiage.
  • Certificates are emailed directly to you once operators pass their online exam so you may keep these on record at your course.
  • No more forgetting to renew your certification each year; the Learn Upon LMS sends you a reminder!
  • User logins are billed monthly; not each time a new user is created. Note: Each created user must have completed practical training and as the trainer, you are acknowledging that is true and agreeing to pay for them.

We hope you love Learn Upon LMS as much as we do! If you have any questions, please email our LMS Administrator, Erin Mani.

Did you know?

You can access the Learn Upon LMS through our website’s secure Client Portal . This portal is exclusively for RCI product owners and course operators and contains up-to-date training documents, safety manuals, bulletins and videos. To access the portal contact our Services Department to obtain your code.