Meet RCI’s Installation & Training, Audit and Inspections Managers!

The RCI team is one with loads of passion for the products we create and the people we serve. As a company we are quick to recognize employee potential and are open to granting new responsibilities to individuals if they are up to the challenge. John Larsen and Grace Colegrove are two particular RCI team members who have performed well since their start and were ultimately ready to take on additional tasks in new positions.     

From starting as a general installer in 2015 until now, John Larsen has become well-versed in all things RCI. His early beginnings taught him all that it takes to successfully complete an install and ensure that each client is pleased with the results. In his new role as Installation Manager, John is largely tasked with training all install employees on how to properly install each RCI product as well as keeping his team knowledgeable of all necessary safety requirements. He also works directly with the project managers to coordinate and assign teams to each job in addition to communicating with the pricing engineer to accurately quote each project.

Some of the duties John is responsible for in his role:

  • Influencing, educating and ensuring that all installers follow safety standards and procedures, as well as maintaining a high level of safety daily on the job site
  • Ensuring lead installers complete daily reports on the progress of the project and if any issues need to be addressed
  • Supervising and training of installation teams
  • Overseeing and participating in the training of safe material handling and installation processes from initial unloading to the final inspection of a project

Stepping in once the installation is complete is Grace Colegrove. As the Training, Audit & Inspections Manager, she manages the Inspection/Training team and ensures that everyone is in compliance with the rules, regulations and certifications that are required by regulatory agencies and or manufacturer requirements within our industry. Before she was in charge of the Inspection/Training team, Grace was actually a trainer/inspector for RCI and traveled to conduct routine training sessions with a facility’s staff members as well as inspect their existing attraction for any issues. Both Grace and John are on the road a fair amount of the time as the two positions require that face-to-face interaction and instruction with the client.     

Some of the duties Grace is responsible for in her role:

  • Collaboratively works with other departments to develop and oversee for uniform handling of compliance violations
  • Manages and oversees the Trainer/Inspector team schedules to correspond with new and existing client and company requests
  • Conducts client safety inspections per RCI training and inspection guidelines utilizing all RCI resources
  • Maintains detailed records associated with inspections and training ensuring that all data is entered in an accurate and timely manner

Grace and John are both valuable members of the RCI team and we can’t wait to see all that they accomplish in their new roles. Keep an eye out for either of them if you’re in need of an installation, inspection or training session!