Introducing Adventure Tykes Net Play Attraction

Newest unharnessed, net-play adventure course

Introducing Adventure Tykes, RCI’s newest product offering and the perfect solution for customers looking for a high-capacity attraction that require minimal staffing. 

Similar in design to our popular Sky Tykes® course, which is designed specifically for kids 48-inches and shorter, Adventure Tykes features fun, safe and challenging bridge elements. Unlike Sky Tykes®, where kids are harnessed and tethered to the course (one entrance/exit point), Adventure Tykes is a net-play attraction where netting surrounds each tower, element and entrance/exit point.

The seven tower Adventure Tykes net-play course designed for the little adventurers.

RCI’s Adventure Tykes is custom-designed to meet the specific needs of each customers. The design options include a variety of bridge, beam and rope elements, each enclosed in high-tension netting that provides support and resistance when leaned against or stepped on.

For the hundreds of customers currently with a Sky Tykes® course, one of the biggest benefits of Adventure Tykes is that it can be built over their existing course, even utilizing the same poles. This design option gives those customers two attractions within the same footprint.

One of the benefits of RCI’s Sky Trail® ropes course design is the ability to build it over existing attractions, like an arcade, mini-golf course or go-kart track, giving customers the ability to maximize unused facility space. The design of Adventure Tykes can be customized, similar to Sky Trail®, allowing customers to build the course over an existing attraction.

RCI Adventure Products continues to build out its product portfolio and has put increased emphasis on helping customers lower staffing requirements. Without the need to harness course participants, secure them to the course via a slingline or dedicate an employee for on-course support, customers can manage Adventure Tykes with minimal staffing.

“Customers love our net-play concepts for a lot of reasons, but the reduced staffing requirement is certainly toward the top of the list,” said Zack Loeprich, RCI marketing manager. “Kids love the net-play courses because of the freedom they have to move throughout it, and even on and off the course at will. Plus, Adventure Tykes can have a spiral slide and who doesn’t love that?”

Adventure Tykes features a variety of entrance and exit point design options including a net elevator, inclined ramps and a variety of slide options, including spiral. The high-capacity attraction can also be customized with paint scheme and signage to fit various brand standards and attraction themes.

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