A New and Improved Safety Slingline

Ropes Courses, Inc. (RCI) is pleased to announce the invention of a brand-new and less-expensive safety slingline termed the single redundant slingline, or SRS. The SRS is a redundant slingline with dual connection points to the participant harness that appears and feels like a single slingline while still maintaining our high quality standards. It will inevitably replace the dual slingline and eliminate the need for slotted webbing.

Although the SRS is just one slingline, it still meets our world class safety requirements by providing redundancy. The redundancy is ultimately accomplished by sewing together 3 critical pieces: the continuous exterior loop, the redundant inner loop, and the inner carabiner loops. This connection is what allows participants to easily navigate through a course with just 1 slingline while still having 2 safety attachments to their harness. Instead of a three-year service life, as our current slingline models have, the new SRS has an approximate five-year service life, which greatly helps to reduce the maintenance costs associated with equipment repair. Additionally, the SRS is capable of replacing all dual slingline assemblies and current slider assemblies, in any of our currently offered colors. Repairs and replacements will also be sewn right onto your existing slider assembly for huge cost saving benefits.

Contact Kristen Linn or Erin McLaughlin for more information or to place your order for slinglines today.