New Sky Trail® attraction is the mountain for beginners

Two ropes courses, the Sky Trail® and the Sky Tykes®, were recently installed by Faszinatour, the European distributor of Sky Trail® ropes courses for US manufacturer Ropes Courses, Inc. Alpsee Immenstadt Tourism will run the brand new leisure attractions beginning July 12, 2016.

The 8 column Alpsee Sky Trail® Explorer stands 13 meters tall with 3 levels of elements of varying design and difficulty. To name a few, the vertical rope ladder, cargo net, deep Burma buckets, zig-zag beams and the crisscross walk, test a participant’s physical balance and feeling of heights. The ropes courses overhead track design allows participants to move freely from element to element and between levels without unclipping their safety harness and redundant sling lines.

“Alpsee Skytrail is the first and largest station for beginners to realize their self-confidence and find perseverance they’ll need for their adventure quests. It allows you to explore your surefootedness and vertigo before you take on Great Alpsee,” said Alfred Becker, CEO of Alpsee Immenstadt Tourism. “We call it the mountain for beginners.”

The 6 column Sky Tykes® course only stands 2.4 meters tall and the elements are less than 1 meter from the ground. Children are outfitted with the same safety harness and sling lines that the Sky Trail® participants wear. Parents can assist the children when necessary or stand back and watch.

“Immenstadt will benefit from the Sky Trail® and Sky Tykes® destination appeal,” said Faszinatour project manager Thomas Kracker. “These attractions draw in families with kids 2-18 years of age and large group tours.”

Prices are 7.50 € for the Sky Trail® and 4.00 € for the Sky Tykes® ‘Kiddy Trail’. Group discounts are also available. For more information visit

Faszinatour has worked on over a dozen Sky Trail® projects with Ropes Courses, Inc. since 2004. Contact us for more information on Sky Trail® and Faszinatour.

Alpsee Sky Trail ropes course in Immenstadt