Perfect Catch? RCI Attractions Inside Sports Facilities

Taking a trip with the family out to the ballpark, basketball arena, football stadium or even soccer stadium used to mean a good chunk of the day was spent sitting to watch the game itself while enjoying concession stand delicacies like the corn dog or a hot pretzel with cheese. Now, it’s much different. Less people have the desire to physically attend a sporting event if they are able to watch on tv. So, what’s being done to solve this recent issue? Many stadiums are choosing to add to the overall experience by incorporating a variety of other activities for patrons to engage with in addition to the game such as tap rooms, souvenir shops, restaurants, kids zones and playgrounds geared towards families with younger children.  

Another solution that could serve to entertain all ages and increase attendance of fans with families may just lie in adventure attractions like Sky Trail® and Sky Tykes® aerial attractions or Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls. While these types of attractions may seem to be out of place at first thought, they are in fact perfectly suited for an active environment involving sports. Here’s why:


Parents are able to find an active outlet for children struggling to sit through duration of game.

When you have small children, getting them to sit still for long periods of time can oftentimes seem like an impossible task. Taking them over to participate on the Sky Trail® or Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls allows them to work out their excess energy in a healthy way and also lets parents take part if they’d like. If kids are smaller than 4’ tall or smaller and aren’t quite ready to venture onto the bigger attractions, Sky Tykes® creates a space where they can explore with parents guiding them if needed.

Inclusive: All generations and skill levels can participate.

Many activities present at a sports facility often require you to either possess the skills to play the sport or prefer you to be old enough if want access to something such as a tap room. Sky Trail® or Clip ‘n Climb® welcome all. Whether you are a 92 year old grandma with your grandchildren or teenagers looking for some fun, you can actively participate just the same! The variety of designs and interactive elements allow anyone to choose their path if on the Sky Trail® and go as high as they’re comfortable on the climbing walls.

They are great ways to use time between games if necessary.

When it’s a tournament day and there are two hours until the next little league or soccer game, it only makes sense to do something fun while you wait. With Sky Trail® or Clip ‘n Climb® inside of the complex that downtime can still involve physical activity as well as safely challenge the entire family. Take Cedar Point Sports Force Park for example; they have their very own Sky Trail® for guests to enjoy!

Complements other entertainment provided.

No matter the sport featured, RCI attractions can complement any activities intended for those visiting the area. Whether it be soccer fields, tennis courts, a baseball stadium or different features such as giveaways, concert stages or souvenir shops, a Sky Trail® and Clip ‘n Climb® add to the fun for all ages. Customizable in terms of color, size, theme and elements, Sky Trail® can be flexible in terms of its placement and Clip ‘n Climb® walls vary in panel height for your facility. Give your sports fans a little something extra for their next trip to see the game courtesy of RCI!