Ports of Call: Entertaining Families On Dry Land

If you are in search of a relaxing yet diversified trip, you might choose to embark on a cruise. Cruise ships are able to both entertain you while at sea for weeks on end as well as bring you into various ports for new experiences with local food, music or architecture. This style of vacation is one that appeals to multiple generations of passengers due to its all-in-one nature and endless offerings while onboard.

But what happens when individuals wish to go beyond the ship?

Well, this is where port destinations come in. On any given cruise ship’s itinerary there are designated stops in which the ship itself enters into a port of call and docks to allow passengers to leave the ship and take a look around. Stops of course vary depending on the cruise and people are able to explore wherever they’d like in the time allotted before they are asked to return to the ship and continue the journey. To accommodate a large number of passengers at one time and entertain all ages, port locations have to offer a variety of activities in order to drive a memorable guest experience.

Let’s look at popular ways in which ports of call locations around the world keep visitors engaged while off of the ship and how RCI adventure products come into play!

What to do when the ship has docked & time is ticking?

Every port destination features different activities available for guests depending on the climate or even historical background. For example, San Juan, Puerto Rico is a very popular place for passengers to disembark as it delights visitors with “major shopping thoroughfares, parks, theaters, museums” and the historic Old San Juan neighborhood while the chillier port of Juneau, Alaska allows guests to “explore the many trails” and get “up close to cascading waterfalls, salmon streams and wildlife” if they’d like [1].

Other common things to do while visiting a given port include shopping, relaxing on local beaches, dining at beloved restaurants to experience local cuisine, swimming or animal watching.

How can RCI adventure products contribute to the port experience?

Sky Trail® aerial attractions are not strangers to the cruise industry as they are currently located on 3 of the 4 major cruise lines including MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise ship experience can continue and be extended beyond the ship, however, as Sky Trail® attractions are built to handle large groups at one time, cater to all ages and skill levels and provide a unique form of exercise for guests. Kids, adults, and entire families can participate together and with Sky Tykes®, even the littlest travelers can join in on the fun!

While guests are off enjoying the sights of the current port location, the cruise ship staff typically begins to freshen up the vessel for the rest of the journey. Because Sky Trail® attractions are able to entertain many passengers at once and encourage vacation-goers to venture off of the ship, they serve as cost effective ways to clean, restock or prepare the cruise ship for further travel while guests remain occupied. Marine-grade materials also give the family-friendly attraction the durability needed to entertain at length by the sea.

Whether onboard the ship itself or in remote locations along the ship’s route, RCI adventure products are capable of being show-stopping statement pieces for all guests to enjoy no matter how long their vacation may be!


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