Prep Yourself for the Summer Rush

It’s hard to believe that the warmer months of 2019 are already almost upon us. Summer will be here in full force before we know it so now is a prime time to order any new equipment your attraction/facility might need like harnesses, slinglines or finger keys and spruce up your Sky Trail® with new interactive elements for participants. To make things easy, our Aftermarket Sales department is here to assist you with repairs and new element orders so your busy season goes as smooth as possible.

Whether you need to order new items for your facility or not, it is best to still go over proper procedures with your operators as things can get a bit overwhelming when large crowds arrive. You’ll want everyone to be refreshed and up to date so any unsafe situations can be prevented.

Here are a few helpful hints we recommend for busy times:

  • Be aware of your surroundings: Ensure that the entrance to the attraction is never left unattended at any time, especially when the facility it at its busiest. Operators should harness each participant carefully and not let anyone slip through accidentally.
  • Remain calm & be safe: There might be crowds but if you stay level-headed you will be able to easily check and recheck each harness that is fitted, each carabiner, and the placement of the puck in the track. Carabiners will also need to be locked and lifted up on the slingline until tight to ensure there is proper attachment before any participant is allowed on the course. Operators should always remember to check that their own safety equipment is properly attached before going on an attraction.
  • Stay hydrated during hot days: If your Sky Trail® is located outdoors, operators must be sure to drink enough water, wear sunscreen and be on the lookout for anyone suffering from heat complications like exhaustion, cramps and dizziness.
  • Unpredictable Weather: If there happens to be inclement weather in the area, use the attraction at your own risk and prepare for hazards. Be sure to refer to your Operator Manual for more information on weather, rescue and emergency procedures.
  • Monitor participant behavior: If any participants are acting inappropriately, ignoring rules or being disruptive while on the attraction, operators must speak to them immediately especially if they are being unsafe.

Please do not hesitate to contact the RCI Aftermarket Sales Department if you need a replacement and would like to make an order. We’re happy to help and want you to be prepared for the summer crowds!