QUICKjump: A Daring Addition to Sky Trail®!

The QUICKjump is a unique add-on attraction bound to provide bold participants with an exhilarating free-fall experience from the peak of a Sky Trail® ropes course. Guests of all ages love the immediate rush elicited by the thrilling, yet controlled, descent. Highly adaptable, the QUICKjump complements a Sky Trail® ropes course at outdoor as well as indoor facilities and requires no change of safety equipment for participants. Individuals simply venture across the ropes course elements, ascend the multi-level attraction at their own pace and reach the QUICKjump platform at the top of the Sky Trail® to exit.

Features & Benefits

  • Unrivaled experience: True free fall-feeling with Head Rush Technologies magnetic braking technology
  • Safe & reliable: High reliability with no sacrificial wear parts
  • Minimal maintenance: Limited care needed with low cost of ownership
  • High profitability: High ROI potential with initial cost surpassed within a short period of time

Return on Investment

For optimal return on investment, we recommend charging an additional $5-8 per ticket for participants to experience the QUICKjump as their alternate exit from the Sky Trail® attraction. The chart below shows the amount of additional revenue your business could make in a 6-month timeframe if the QUICKjump tickets were sold at $5 on top of the Sky Trail® ticket price.