RCI is Hiring & You Could Be Who We’re Looking For

When a company is performing favorably, job openings are exciting for a variety of reasons. They signal positive growth, increased customer demand, great client relationships and so on.

Fortunately for RCI, we happen to be experiencing all of those things which ultimately translates to us needing a bigger in-house team! Our search is made interesting by the fact that the positions we happen to be looking for are not all in the same department. They actually range from areas like production and install to Inspector/Trainer and structural engineer. It’s not just about one sole skillset; we want individuals who come from an array of backgrounds!

In the case that you haven’t yet seen our job advertisements or visited our ‘Careers’ page on the RCI website, we’ll dive into what exactly we’re in need of and then run through a few short points for each.

Our job wish list:

  1. Entry Level Structural Engineer
  2. Fabricator / Welder 
  3. Field Installer
  4. Inspector / Trainer
  5. International Project Manager
  6. Material Handler
  7. Painter
  8. Sewing Operator
  9. Shipping Associate

Entry Level Structural Engineer

  • This position is responsible for the design and engineering of steel frame adventure courses, climbing towers and other adventure attraction products.
  • Need to have a BS degree in civil or mechanical engineering with a structural emphasis.
  • Under the direction of the lead engineer, the responsibilities will include creation of analytical models, structural design of adventure course structures, connection design, foundation design, and cable systems design.

Fabricator / Welder

  • Requires 1-2 years of experience or equivalent in a manufacturing setting.
  • With readily available supervision and technical guidance, positions material to be welded, using jigging fixtures in most cases, and applies hand-eye coordination to achieve the desired weld.

Field Installer

  • This position is responsible for the installation of structural steel adventure products.
  • Requires general construction and mechanical knowledge, flexible schedule and the ability to travel both domestic and internationally without restrictions.

Inspector / Trainer

  • An Inspector/Trainer at RCI plays a highly visible role as they interact with clients on a constant basis. The position requires a professional presence, excellent verbal and written communications skills, and knowledge of all aspects of RCI operations.
  • Responsible for annual inspections and training sessions for new installations as well as existing clients. Timely recording and reporting is also a must.

International Project Manager

  • This position works directly with both RCI International Sales (internal), RCI International Distributors, and cruise ship clients to develop project plans based on upcoming contracts.
  • Requires 3+ years of experience in account management and/or project management.

Material Handler

  • This position is accountable for material handling of steel during the fabrication process.
  • Ability to properly use hand tools (chipping hammer, wire brush, level, combination square) and power tools (grinder, palm sander) as well as operate a Hi-Lo/Forklift.


  • This position is responsible for painting steel components per specifications of projects using traditional spray techniques.
  • Requires 3-5 years paint spraying experience.

Sewing Operator

  • This position is responsible for slinglines and carabiners as they are needed for courses, work orders and product inventory.
  • Daily assignments could include production of slinglines, repairs, restocking and maintaining slingline inventory as well as all the supplies needed for their production and creating templates for new designs.

Shipping Associate

  • General warehouse or production labor position requiring the ability to read production or shipping documents. 
  • Primary duty includes loading product components to skids under the supervision of the Shipping Supervisor.

Want more information on the jobs above? Visit our careers page & apply today!