Require Inspector Training? You Can Come To Us!

Before any staff member can operate a Sky Trail®, Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls or a Sky Tykes® attraction, they must be properly trained and well-versed in the procedures put in place by RCI to keep participants safe. While the introductory training process may be straightforward, what happens when any one of the trained operators at a facility wishes to later become a certified Inspector? Well, there has always predominantly been one clear option: An RCI trainer/inspector travels to the location in question and conducts the full-length training session in person with the client’s own attractions.

As of recently, RCI has decided to offer a second option –  you come to us! Yes, you read that right. Instead of a trainer arriving at your location, you now have the choice to send your designated staff member(s) to our nearby training site held inside of the family entertainment center, Allegan Event. There are a few crucial details to remember before this new second option can even be chosen, however, and we’d like to briefly go over those here.

How much will it cost?

The entire Inspector training performed here at RCI is a $200 charge per person for the certification class and the certification earned is valid for 3 years. RCI will not cover the travel costs of trainees so all individuals are responsible for their own expenses.

Why the move to RCI-hosted Inspector training?

The motivation for hosting training here at RCI is to offer a training course that is best suited for Inspectors who are re-certifying after their 3 years are up or for sites that have been operational for over one year and have stayed in compliance.

Can I still choose to have RCI come to my location?

Yes, we still mainly do most Inspector training at your site. For example, it is common for new locations approaching their one year mark to still want for us to make the trip to them. To make things easier, we do tie the Inspector training into their annual inspection and have the trainee(s) shadow one of the RCI’s Inspectors through the whole annual inspection to gain first hand knowledge of how to complete the inspection and the documentation process. This allows us to train their Inspectors to their specific attraction components, etc. It also avoids the addition of any additional hours on site.

How long will the entire training take?

Inspector training at RCI is one full day, so 8 hours in total. Depending on the types of add ons (Sky Rail™, QuickFlight, Sky Tykes® or Clip ‘n Climb® walls), we spend additional time on those components for those who have them. We go through the documentation/submission process, hands on inspection training and every Inspector is required to take an online test at the end in order to gain their certificate.

What is the scheduling process?

We host one class per month, so scheduling is determined by our Training, Audit, and Inspection Manager. Clients can also directly contact their RCI account manager if they prefer.* There are a limited amount of spots at any given time and locations need to currently be in compliance. If they currently are or have been out of compliance, RCI will need to physically see the site.

*Note: Each RCI attraction location has recently been assigned to one of our two account managers on staff. If you are unsure of who your account manager is and would like to get acquainted, please email to begin communication. So, if you require Inspector training for your staff and you fit the criteria discussed above, feel free to contact us and we will schedule you in when most convenient for both parties!