Sky Tykes®: The Ideal Kid-Friendly Attraction!

Catering to the pint-sized adventure seekers under 4’ tall, a Sky Tykes® ropes course uses the same specially engineered technology as Sky Trail® but shrinks elements to proportionally fit children. A safety track tailored to a smaller sized participant keeps the little visitors feeling secure while still giving them a taste of independence as their parents supervise nearby. The addition of a Sky Rail™ zip line further adds to the exploration for youngsters and provides another engaging element that children can have endless amounts of fun with.  

Features & Benefits

  • High profitability: U.S. businesses typically charge $5-7 per participant and participants stay on the attraction for an average of 15-30 minutes
  • Safe & reliable: Utilizes U.S. patented overhead tracking system and time-tested safety equipment
  • Low operator cost: 1 operator recommended; 0 if paired with a Sky Trail®
  • Minimal maintenance: Engineered with durable materials designed to withstand weather and high use
  • Unique entertainment: Visually commanding and not common on most playgrounds
  • Promotes exercise: Offers a healthy and engaging activity for children

Return on Investment

To calculate your return on investment we recommend using the Sky Tykes® initial investment cost and divide that number by the ticket price you would charge a participant. (U.S. businesses typically charge $5-7 per ticket.) This number is the number of tickets you’d need to sell in order to break even. To see how long it would take to realize your initial investment you would divide the number of tickets sold by the number of participants you’d expect at your facility that would purchase a ticket in one year’s time using the equation below.

Initial Sky Tykes® Investment / Typical Ticket Price ($5 – $7)
= Number of Tickets Needed to Sell To Break Even

Number of Days Facility is Open X Number of Guests Ages 2-7 at Facility Per Day
X .25 (% of Guests on Average That Will Use Attraction)
= Number of Participants Per Year

Number of Tickets Sold / Number of Participants Per Year
= Number of Years to Realize Initial Investment Investment


$100,000 / $5 = 20,000 tickets
320 X 200 X .25 = 40,000 participants

20,000 tickets / 40,000 participants = 1.25 years*

*This number represents gross income and does not take into account labor costs or annual maintenance costs.